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SR0559LRB097 19795 GRL 65065 r


2    WHEREAS, Chicago style bungalows, generally defined as
3rectangular shape, 1 1/2-story brick home with a low-pitched
4roof built between 1910 and 1945, make up approximately 113 of
5the City of Berwyn's housing units; and
6    WHEREAS, Most of the bungalows in the City of Berwyn were
7built between 1920 and 1930, when the population in the City of
8Berwyn more than tripled; and
9    WHEREAS, The bungalow has played a significant role in the
10City of Berwyn's history; and
11    WHEREAS, The City of Berwyn's bungalows were honored in a
122007 article in American Bungalow Magazine as "Chicagoland's
13Greatest Treasure", mainly because they incorporate
14"architectural detail and a level of ornamentation seldom seen
15elsewhere."; the author of this article lives in a Chicago
16bungalow in Chicago, but nevertheless stated that the best
17examples of the "Chicago" bungalow are in Berwyn; and
18    WHEREAS, In 2011, This Old House Magazine recognized Berwyn
19as the best neighborhood for bungalows; and
20    WHEREAS, For over a century, the bungalow has served as a



SR0559- 2 -LRB097 19795 GRL 65065 r

1spacious and affordable apartment alternative for generations
2of Berwyn residents; and
3    WHEREAS, The City of Berwyn's bungalows provide their
4owners with many benefits, including sole proprietorship of
5their own home, a yard, a walkable neighborhood, public
6transportation, quality parks and recreation, and convenient
7access to the Midwest's largest job center; and
8    WHEREAS, It is the City of Berwyn's policy to encourage the
9continued viability of its bungalows by providing resources and
10incentives for the City's bungalow owners to restore their
11homes and maintain the city's unique streetscapes and friendly
12neighborhoods; therefore, be it
14ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we designate the first
15week in May of 2012 as Bungalow Appreciation Week in the State
16of Illinois.