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Full Text of SR0127  97th General Assembly




SR0127LRB097 11189 GRL 52832 r


2    WHEREAS, The citizens of the State of Illinois should be
3made aware of the ever-present dangers posed by potentially
4poisonous household substances; and
5    WHEREAS, Children have access to over-the-counter and
6prescription medications and potentially toxic household
7products too often; and
8    WHEREAS, Over the past 49 years, the nation has observed
9National Poison Prevention Week to help prevent accidental
10poisonings and to provide tips for promoting community
11involvement in poison prevention; and
12    WHEREAS, The Illinois Poison Center is a mainstay in the
13emergency medical care system of the State of Illinois and is
14recognized nationally for its contributions to poison
15treatment and prevention; and
16    WHEREAS, The Illinois Poison Center is a key component of
17the State's bioterrorism readiness network, standing ready to
18assist the Illinois Department of Public Health and local
19authorities in the event of a biochemical or radiation
20incident; and



SR0127- 2 -LRB097 11189 GRL 52832 r

1    WHEREAS, Half of the nearly 90,000 poisonings reported last
2year to the Illinois Poison Center involved children under the
3age of six and could have been prevented; and
4    WHEREAS, More than 90% of the calls received from the
5public are treated over the phone, quickly and safely, by the
6experienced and highly-qualified staff of the Illinois Poison
7Center; and
8    WHEREAS, The Illinois Poison Center saves Illinois more
9than $50 million in unnecessary health care costs; therefore,
10be it
12ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we designate March of
132011 as Illinois Poison Prevention Month in the State of
14Illinois, and we encourage all citizens to learn more about the
15Illinois Poison Center's poisoning prevention programs and the
16steps that can be taken to create safe and healthful home,
17play, and work environments; and be it further
18    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
19presented to the Illinois Poison Center.