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HB1100 EngrossedLRB097 02770 PJG 42792 b

1    AN ACT relating to aerospace competitiveness.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the
5Aerospace Competitiveness Act.
6    Section 5. Illinois Council on Aerospace.
7    (a) The Illinois Council on Aerospace is created within the
8Office of the Governor. The purpose of the Council is to
9emulate national and international best practices that will:
10        (1) improve coordination and responsiveness of the
11    State's aerospace training, education, research, and
12    development programs to meet industry needs;
13        (2) enhance the State's economic climate for the
14    industry; and
15        (3) ensure that Illinois remains the best place in the
16    world to design and manufacture aircraft and grow jobs in
17    the aerospace industry.
18    (b) The Council shall be composed of 14 members
19representing the public and private sectors, as follows:
20        (1) The 10 public sector members of the Council are:
21    (i) the Director of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, or
22    his or her designee, who shall be the Chair; (ii) the
23    executive director of the Board of Higher Education, or his



HB1100 Engrossed- 2 -LRB097 02770 PJG 42792 b

1    or her designee; (iii) the director of the Illinois
2    Community College Board, or his or her designee; (iv) the
3    president of the University of Illinois, or his or her
4    designee; (v) the president of Southern Illinois
5    University, or his or her designee; (vi) one member of the
6    General Assembly appointed by each of the following: the
7    Speaker of the House, the House Minority Leader, the
8    President of the Senate, and the Senate Minority Leader;
9    and (vii) the Director of the Division of Aeronautics of
10    the Illinois Department of Transportation.
11        (2) The Governor shall appoint each of the following 4
12    members to 4-year terms as private sector representatives
13    on the Council: (i) one member representing a labor
14    organization of aerospace machinists; (ii) one member
15    representing a labor organization of aerospace engineers;
16    (iii) one member representing the State's largest
17    aerospace manufacturer; and (iv) one member representing
18    aerospace employers.
19    Section 10. Council; responsibilities.
20    (a) The Council shall:
21        (1) Provide counsel and advice to the Governor and the
22    General Assembly on public policies that will strengthen
23    the aerospace industry and support its job growth in
24    Illinois.
25        (2) Take joint action to integrate training and



HB1100 Engrossed- 3 -LRB097 02770 PJG 42792 b

1    education with research and development.
2    (b) With the oversight and guidance of the Council as a
3whole, its public sector members are charged with the following
4lead responsibilities, respectively:
5        (1) The Director of the Illinois Community College
6    Board must ensure coordination of all aerospace training
7    and apprenticeship programs under its authority.
8        (2) The executive director of the Board of Higher
9    Education must ensure that all degree programs of interest
10    to the aerospace industry are provided by and coordinated
11    among the State's 4-year institutions of higher education.
12        (3) The presidents of the University of Illinois and
13    Southern Illinois University must coordinate all
14    aerospace-related research and development activities
15    available through their institutions and ensure that these
16    activities are responsive to the industry's needs.
17        (4) The Director of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
18    must carry out the State's activities to retain, attract,
19    and grow aerospace companies and jobs.
20    (c) The Council may consult, as necessary, with the
21Director of Employment Security and the State Superintendent of
22Education to assist in the development of policies to carry out
23the purposes of this Act.
24    (d) The Council shall meet with the Governor at least twice
26    (e) Staffing for the Council shall be provided by the



HB1100 Engrossed- 4 -LRB097 02770 PJG 42792 b

1Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.
2    (f) Beginning on January 1, 2012, and annually thereafter,
3the Council shall report to the Governor and the General
4Assembly on the state of the State's aerospace industry and the
5activities and accomplishments of the Council in the previous
6calendar year.
7    Section 15. Council; funding.
8    (a) The Council or the organizations represented by its
9members shall apply for and may receive public and private
10grants and donations for training, education, research,
11development, and other activities relevant to the Council's
12responsibilities under this Act. State and non-State moneys
13received by the Council for these purposes must be deposited
14into the Illinois Aerospace Council Fund, a special fund in the
15State treasury.
16    (b) For fiscal years 2012 through 2014, increased training,
17education, research, or development activities approved by the
18Council shall be supported by federal Workforce Investment Act
19funds or other discretionary funds administered by the
20Governor. These funds may be invested independently to support
21these activities or may be used as match to leverage additional
23    Section 20. Illinois Aerospace Council Fund. The Illinois
24Aerospace Council Fund is created as a special fund in the



HB1100 Engrossed- 5 -LRB097 02770 PJG 42792 b

1State treasury. Only the Governor or the Chair of the Council
2may authorize expenditures from the Fund. Expenditures from the
3Fund may be made only for purposes of this Act. Administrative
4expenses of the Council, including staff support, may be paid
5from the Fund. Revenues to the Fund consist of moneys received
6from grants and donations, funds administered under the
7Governor's discretion that are deposited into the Fund, and
8moneys received pursuant to appropriations.
9    Section 95. The State Finance Act is amended by adding
10Section 5.786 as follows:
11    (30 ILCS 105/5.786 new)
12    Sec. 5.786. The Illinois Aerospace Council Fund.