HR0135LRB097 10076 JDS 50253 r


2    WHEREAS, American consumers deserve to have confidence
3that the products they buy, when used for their intended
4purposes, are safe; and
5    WHEREAS, A federal chemical management program should
6place protecting the public health, including children's
7health, as its highest priority, and should include strict
8government oversight; and
9    WHEREAS, The federal chemical management program should
10preserve America's role as the world's leading innovator and
11employer in the manufacture, processing, distribution in
12commerce, and use of chemicals; and
13    WHEREAS, The current chemical management law, the Toxic
14Substance Control Act (TSCA), was signed into law in 1976, and
15it is now nearly 35 years old; and
16    WHEREAS, Since the enactment of the law, our ability to
17understand the impact chemicals have on the human body and the
18environment has advanced significantly; and
19    WHEREAS, Those advancements in science and technology need
20to be integrated into the federal chemical management program;



HR0135- 2 -LRB097 10076 JDS 50253 r

2    WHEREAS, Momentum for modernization of the federal
3chemical regulatory system is growing in Congress; and
4    WHEREAS, A robust federal chemical management system will
5obviate the need for state governments to adopt potentially
6conflicting state regulatory programs that have the potential
7for negative impacts on the national economy; therefore, be it
10we urge the 112th Congress of the United States to enact
11federal legislation to modernize the Toxic Substances Control
12Act of 1976 in order to:
13        (1) ensure that chemicals are safe for their intended
14    use;
15        (2) require EPA to systematically prioritize chemicals
16    for the purpose of assessing their safe use;
17        (3) require that EPA act expeditiously and efficiently
18    in assessing the safe use of chemicals;
19        (4) require companies that manufacture, import,
20    process, distribute, or use chemicals to provide EPA with
21    relevant information to the extent necessary for EPA to
22    make safe use determinations;
23        (5) assure that the potential risks to children from



HR0135- 3 -LRB097 10076 JDS 50253 r

1    exposures to chemicals are considered in the assessment of
2    safe use;
3        (6) empower EPA to impose a range of risk management
4    controls to ensure that chemicals are safe for their
5    intended use;
6        (7) encourage companies and EPA to work together to
7    enhance public access to chemical health and safety
8    information;
9        (8) require that EPA rely on scientifically valid data
10    and information, regardless of its source, including data
11    and information reflecting modern advances in science and
12    technology;
13        (9) enable EPA to have the staff, resources, and
14    regulatory tools it needs to ensure the safety of
15    chemicals; and
16        (10) ensure that TSCA remains a vehicle to promote and
17    encourage technological innovation, and the maintenance of
18    a globally competitive industry in the United States; and
19    be it further
20    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
21delivered to members of the Illinois congressional delegation.