HR0540 LRB094 12631 CSA 47458 r


2     WHEREAS, Arnold "Arnie" Morton of Chicago passed away on
3 May 28, 2005; and
4     WHEREAS, Mr. Morton is best known for the Chicago
5 restaurant "Arnie's", the club "Zorine's", and "Morton's"
6 steakhouses; he also helped start the first Playboy Club and
7 the Taste of Chicago food festival; and
8     WHEREAS, He was born in Chicago in 1922 and grew up in Hyde
9 Park, where his father owned two restaurants in which he bused
10 tables and worked in the kitchen from the age of 15; he
11 graduated from Hyde Park High School and enlisted in the Army
12 during World War II; he saw eight months of action with the
13 infantry, arriving in Normandy, France, just after D-Day; after
14 the war, he attended the University of Alabama, where he played
15 football for two years; and
16     WHEREAS, Mr. Morton's first restaurant, the Walton Walk,
17 between Rush Street and Michigan Avenue, opened in the 1950s
18 and paved the way for a partnership with Hugh Hefner and Victor
19 Lownes, and for the Playboy Club they opened in 1960; Mr.
20 Morton left Playboy in the early 1970s and ran several
21 nightspots, then opened Morton's steakhouse in the Gold Coast
22 neighborhood of Chicago in 1978; he sold his steakhouses in
23 1987; there are now 65 locations in the United States, Hong
24 Kong, Singapore, and Canada; and
25     WHEREAS, He married his wife, Zorine, in 1961; they had
26 four daughters and three sons; and
27     WHEREAS, Even though he had a busy life, his wife and
28 children came first; he was home for dinner five nights a week
29 and never missed a game when his kids played sports; he touched
30 everyone he came in contact with; he was a most humble,



HR0540 - 2 - LRB094 12631 CSA 47458 r

1 understated, genuine, loyal, and creative person; he was also a
2 non-stop booster for Chicago and a big Bears fan; and
3     WHEREAS, Arnold "Arnie" Morton was the beloved husband of
4 Zorine; the loving father of Peter Morton, Pam Morton, Amy
5 (Neal) Morton-Levin, Michael (Jenna) Morton, Debra (Ben)
6 Morton-Berger, Stephanie Morton, and David (Jodi) Morton; an
7 adored grandfather; and the dear brother of Robert (Rita)
8 Morton; therefore, be it
11 we offer our deepest condolences and most heartfelt sympathy to
12 Arnold "Arnie" Morton's family and many friends, and join them
13 in sorrow at this time of loss; and be it further
14     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
15 presented to his family, that his memory may be so honored and
16 ever cherished.