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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives are saddened to learn of the death of Julius W.
4Hegeler II of Danville, who passed away on July 5, 2019; and
5    WHEREAS, Julius Hegeler II was born in Danville to Madelle
6and Edward C. Hegeler II on May 9, 1928; he had two siblings,
7Edward and Madelle; he graduated from Danville High School in
81946; after attending the University of Illinois and serving in
9the Army National Guard for three years, he earned a business
10degree from Millikin University in 1950; he then enlisted in
11the United States Air Force, where he was a decorated fighter
12pilot and flew 70 missions in the Korean War as a first
13lieutenant; he married Bobette Steely in 1956, and she preceded
14him in death; they had three children, Alix, Harlin, and
15Madelle; and
16    WHEREAS, Julius Hegeler II returned to Danville in 1955
17and, along with his brother Edward and partners Harry and
18Robert Peterson, built what would become Peterson-Puritan
19Inc., a chemical packaging company and one of Vermilion
20County's largest employers; the company was sold to Corn
21Products Co. in 1966, but he remained a vice president until
22his retirement in 1978; and



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1    WHEREAS, Julius Hegeler II was the second person to serve
2as president of the Vermilion County Museum Board, a position
3he held from July 1967 until June 1970; during his time as
4president, he focused on developing youth programs and, along
5with others, agreed that the museum should be free to children
6to help develop their interest in history; he was president
7when the museum developed its accession policy; according to
8museum Director Sue Richter, "he helped put the museum on a
9solid footing"; and
10    WHEREAS, In 1992, Julius Hegeler II placed 90 percent of
11his fortune into the Julius W. Hegeler II Foundation, in part
12to restore the stately mansion where he grew up and turn it
13into a museum; and
14    WHEREAS, Julius Hegeler II was the first donor to the
15Danville Public School Foundation; his initial gift of $1
16million in 2013 prompted the creation of the Public School
17Foundation's Julius W. Hegeler II Legacy Circle; in 2016, he
18bequeathed $1 million to benefit generations of Danville
19schoolchildren for years to come; and
20    WHEREAS, Julius Hegeler II donated $5 million in planned
21gifts to Danville Area Community College; in 2011, his
22foundation funded a new, state-of-the-art greenhouse; in 2013,
23he arranged for a planned gift of $3 million to build the



HR0472- 3 -LRB101 12940 ALS 61776 r

110,000-square-foot Julius W. Hegeler II Advanced Technology
2Center, which was dedicated in 2014; in addition, he pledged to
3donate $100,000 each year to fund the interest payment on the
4$3 million bond issuance for the project; in 2016, the
5college's ornamental horticulture building was renamed for him
6after his foundation funded a renovation of the building's
7interior and design labs, as well as the grounds; in 2017,
8after the college acquired the old Carnegie Library from the
9Veterans Affairs, he bequeathed $2 million for future
10renovations; and
11    WHEREAS, In 2016, Julius Hegeler II gave a $3 million
12planned gift to WorkSource Enterprises, which provides
13services for those with disabilities, for a new vocational
14center; in 2017, he bequeathed $3 million to the David S.
15Palmer Arena for new ice machinery and other improvements,
16including a new ice center entrance; he bequeathed $3 million
17to Presence United Samaritans Medical Center to rename the
18cancer center after his wife, Bobette Steely Hegeler; he also
19funded improvements to the restrooms and the 60-year-old
20gymnasium at the Laura Lee Fellowship House, as well as the
21installation of a new scoreboard at Danville Stadium; and
22    WHEREAS, Julius Hegeler II was the title sponsor of
23Balloons Over Vermilion, now in its fourth year; recently, he
24provided funds to renovate the Fithian home and the Lamon



HR0472- 4 -LRB101 12940 ALS 61776 r

1House, along with the Fischer Theater in downtown Danville; and
2    WHEREAS, Julius Hegeler II made it his mission to help his
3hometown, and his philanthropy was limitless; his generosity
4also benefited the Danville AMBUCS, the Vermilion County
5Conservation District, the Danville Family YMCA, Big Brothers
6Big Sisters of Danville, the Danville Area Community College
7Foundation, WorkSource Enterprises, the Danville Public
8Library Foundation, the United Way of Danville Area, the Laura
9Lee Fellowship House, the Vermilion County War Museum, and the
10Vermilion County Airport Authority; therefore, be it
13we mourn the passing of Julius W. Hegeler II and extend our
14sincere condolences to his family, friends, and all who knew
15and loved him; and be it further
16    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
17presented to the family of Julius Hegeler II as an expression
18of our deepest sympathy.