Rep. Justin Slaughter

Filed: 4/2/2019





10100HB1613ham001LRB101 08847 TAE 58827 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 1613 on page 8, line
37, by replacing "Illinois Department of Transportation" with
4"Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority Illinois
5Department of Transportation"; and
6on page 8, immediately below line 16, by inserting the
8    "(h-1) The Traffic and Pedestrian Stop Data Use and
9Collection Task Force is hereby created.
10        (1) The Task Force shall undertake a study to determine
11    the best use of technology to collect, compile, and analyze
12    the traffic stop statistical study data required by this
13    Section.
14        (2) The Task Force shall be an independent Task Force
15    under the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority
16    for administrative purposes, and shall consist of the
17    following members:



10100HB1613ham001- 2 -LRB101 08847 TAE 58827 a

1            (A) 2 academics or researchers who have studied
2        issues related to traffic or pedestrian stop data
3        collection and have education or expertise in
4        statistics;
5            (B) one professor from an Illinois university who
6        specializes in policing and racial equity;
7            (C) one representative from the Illinois State
8        Police;
9            (D) one representative from the Chicago Police
10        Department;
11            (E) one representative from the Illinois Chiefs of
12        Police;
13            (F) one representative from the Illinois Sheriffs
14        Association;
15            (G) one representative from the Chicago Fraternal
16        Order of Police;
17            (H) one representative from the Illinois Fraternal
18        Order of Police;
19            (I) the Executive Director of the American Civil
20        Liberties Union of Illinois, or his or her designee;
21        and
22            (J) 5 representatives from different community
23        organizations who specialize in civil or human rights,
24        policing, or criminal justice reform work, and that
25        represent a range of minority interests or different
26        parts of the State.



10100HB1613ham001- 3 -LRB101 08847 TAE 58827 a

1        (3) The Illinois Criminal Justice Information
2    Authority may consult, contract, work in conjunction with,
3    and obtain any information from any individual, agency,
4    association, or research institution deemed appropriate by
5    the Authority.
6        (4) The Task Force shall report its findings and
7    recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly by
8    March 1, 2022 and every 3 years after.".