SR1053LRB100 15442 MST 30441 r


2    WHEREAS, President Donald Trump and Congressional
3Republicans are proposing radical changes to America's tax
4code; and
5    WHEREAS, The changes President Trump and his Congressional
6allies are discussing would benefit millionaires and
7billionaires while hurting working families; and
8    WHEREAS, President Trump and Congressional Republicans
9have discussed removing the state and local deduction, also
10known as SALT, as a way to pay for their proposed tax cuts for
11the wealthy; and
12    WHEREAS, The state and local deduction allows families that
13pay state and local income or sales tax to deduct those taxes
14from their federal income tax; and
15    WHEREAS, This deduction prevents families from being
16doubled taxed, once by the federal government and again by the
17state; and
18    WHEREAS, The state and local deduction has broad bipartisan
19support and has been helping Illinoisans since 1913; and



SR1053- 2 -LRB100 15442 MST 30441 r

1    WHEREAS, Illinois has the fifth highest number of taxpayers
2who claim the state and local tax deduction in the nation; and
3    WHEREAS, Nearly two million Illinois taxpayers claimed
4more than $24 billion in SALT deductions in 2015, with each
5claiming an average $12,500 in deductions; and
6    WHEREAS, Of Illinoisans who claim a SALT deduction,
7approximately 85% earn less than $200,000 per year; therefore,
8be it
10ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we strongly oppose any
11and all efforts by the Trump Administration and Congress to
12eliminate the state and local deduction; and be it further
13    RESOLVED, That we call upon Governor Rauner to work with
14the Illinois Congressional Delegation to ensure that the State
15and local deduction is not eliminated; and be it further
16    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
17delivered to all members of the Illinois Congressional