Rep. Avery Bourne

Filed: 5/31/2018





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 3247 on page 17,
3immediately below line 16, by inserting with the following:
"Article 15. Wentworth Avenue Property.

5    Section 15-10. Sale of Wentworth Avenue property.
6    (a) The State of Illinois owns property located on the
7northeast corner of Cermak Road and Wentowrth Avenue,
8consisting of approximately 2.73 acres of parking lot property
9with permanent index numbers of 17-21-421-028, 17-21-421-029,
1017-21-421-030, and 17-21-422-010. The property is under the
11control of the Department of Transportation.
12    (b) The real estate described in this Section is no longer
13needed by the State of Illinois. Therefore, the Department of
14Transportation, on behalf of the State of Illinois, shall,
15subject to approval by the Secretary of Transportation, convey
16by quitclaim deed all right, title, and interest of the State



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1of Illinois and the Department of Transportation in and to the
2real estate described in this Section to the City of Chicago,
3for and in consideration of no more than the negotiated fair
4market value, as determined by an appraisal conducted before
5January 1, 2019.
6    (c) The Secretary of Transportation shall obtain a
7certified copy of this Section within 60 days after the
8conveyance under this Section is completed, and shall record
9the certified document in the Recorder's Office of Cook County,