SB2328 EnrolledLRB100 16111 AWJ 31230 b

1    AN ACT concerning local government.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 5. The Local Government Professional Services
5Selection Act is amended by changing Section 8 as follows:
6    (50 ILCS 510/8)  (from Ch. 85, par. 6408)
7    Sec. 8. Waiver of competition. A political subdivision may
8waive the requirements of Sections 4, 5, and 6 if it
9determines, by resolution, that an emergency situation exists
10and a firm must be selected in an expeditious manner, or the
11cost of architectural, engineering, and land surveying
12services for the project is expected to be less than $40,000
13$25,000. This amount shall be increased annually by a
14percentage equal to the annual unadjusted percentage increase,
15if any, as determined by the consumer price index-u.
16    For purposes of this Section, "consumer price index-u"
17means the index published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of
18the United States Department of Labor that measures the average
19change in prices of goods and services purchased by all urban
20consumers, United States city average, all items, 1982-84=100.
21(Source: P.A. 87-1034.)