HR1051LRB100 21867 ALS 39789 r


2    WHEREAS, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
3originated in 1957 as the result of intense local demand for
4convenient access to public higher education by the citizens of
5the Southwestern Illinois Council for Higher Education and
6their elected public officials; and
7    WHEREAS, From 1996 through 2016, Southern Illinois
8University Edwardsville demonstrated a 26.8 percent growth in
9total enrollment while the enrollment of Southern Illinois
10University Carbondale has been decreasing; current enrollment
11at both universities is almost identical; and
12    WHEREAS, Enrollment at Southern Illinois University
13Edwardsville has increased steadily from 11,808 (total
14enrollment) and 9,343 (full-time enrollment) in the fall of
151991 to 13,796 (total enrollment) and 11,523 (full-time
16enrollment) in the fall of 2017, resulting in a 16.8 percent
17and 23.3 percent increase in total and full-time enrollment
18respectively ; and
19    WHEREAS, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville has
20been recognized by the Illinois Board of Higher Education as
21one of the fastest growing public universities in Illinois; the
22campuses of Southern Illinois University Carbondale and



HR1051- 2 -LRB100 21867 ALS 39789 r

1Southern Illinois University have grown and evolved at
2different rates; and
3    WHEREAS, The distribution of the state appropriation to the
4SIU Board of Trustees was historically viewed as warranting a
5split of 60 percent of funding going to the Carbondale campus
6and 40 percent of funding to the Edwardsville campus; and
7    WHEREAS, The GRF funds appropriated by the SIU Board of
8Trustees has been approximately disbursed with 64 percent going
9to the Carbondale campus and only 36 percent going to the
10Edwardsville campus, a failure to live up to the historical
11expectation dating back to the inception of the Edwardsville
12campus; and
13    WHEREAS, Current and future enrollment trends warrant an
14investigation into the governance and funding of the two
15separate campuses; and
16    WHEREAS, The SIU Board of Trustees voted down a proposal to
17reallocate approximately $5.1 million in state funds in order
18to begin to meet the 60 percent/40 percent expected levels;
19therefore, be it



HR1051- 3 -LRB100 21867 ALS 39789 r

1urge the Illinois Board of Higher Education to conduct a study
2in regards to the governance structure of the Southern Illinois
3University system and the feasibility and viability of becoming
4two distinct universities with separate Boards of Trustees, as
5outlined in HB 1292; and be it further
6    RESOLVED, That the study will review the practicability of
7maintaining a single board of trustees with membership outlined
8in HB 1293, and whether an appropriation that recognizes
9student enrollment, such as outlined in HB 1294, will be an
10equitable distribution of state funds; and be it further
11    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
12delivered to the Chair of the Illinois Board of Higher
13Education, the Chair of the Southern Illinois University Board
14of Trustees, the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
15Chancellor, and the Southern Illinois University Carbondale