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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives wish to congratulate the Rochester High School
4football team, the Rockets, on winning the 2017 Illinois High
5School Association Class 4A State Championship; and
6    WHEREAS, The Rockets defeated Morris High School on
7November 24, 2017 in an epic 24 to 21 victory, claiming their
8second consecutive Class 4A title and their seventh in the last
9eight years; and
10    WHEREAS, Rockets quarterback Nic Baker led his team to
11victory, completing 15 of 28 passing attempts for two
12touchdowns and rushing for 81 yards throughout the game; and
13    WHEREAS, The Rockets made a key fourth down conversion in
14the fourth quarter on their own 39-yard line; they used this
15late fourth quarter momentum to push forward, giving sophomore
16kicker Clay Alewelt the opportunity to seal the game with a
1724-yard field goal attempt, striking it perfectly into the
18uprights as time expired; and
19    WHEREAS, The Rockets overcame a challenge from the
20undefeated Highland Bulldogs in the semifinal game, allowing
21for a 31 to 14 Rocket victory that sent them to the



HR0743- 2 -LRB100 16739 MST 31879 r

1championship game; and
2    WHEREAS, All season long, the Rockets dazzled fans across
3the state, completing an undefeated season with 14 wins and
4zero losses; through hard work, dedication, and team work they
5were able to keep pushing through each game all season long;
7    WHEREAS, Rockets Head Coach, Derek Leonard, led an
8excellent group of talented football players to victory;
9assisted by Derrick Nelson, Steve Buecker, JC Clarke, Tyson
10Corley, Jim Smith, Brett Tackett, Jim Rychel, Rick McMahon, and
11Tyler Mazzini, he gave the Rochester High School students an
12immense and fulfilling season; and
13    WHEREAS, The Rockets are Riley Lewis, Zach Lee, David
14Allen, Chase Brown, Chase Hickey, Cade Eddington, Nic Baker,
15Clayton Cornett, Brock Mackiney, Skylor Caruso, Stephan
16McCree, Clay Bruno, Ben Chapman, Henry Patterson, Jordan Raps,
17Jacob Gunter, Zach Reichen, Brandon Morris, Justin Owens, Nick
18Davis, Cory Gannar, Elijah Sadler, Talon Williams, Zach
19Gleeson, Ben Grimes, David Yoggerst, Jordan Smith, Jack Perry,
20Jack Friedewald, Nick Capriotti, Sid Cox, PJ Jerszynski, Dalton
21Klatt, Carter Sommer, Isaac Drum, Hunter Butcher, Sean Brewer,
22Clayton Blanshan, Josh Scranton, Lochlan Sullivan, Mitchell
23Morris, Adam Western, Cole Maddox, Camden Ramsey, Connor



HR0743- 3 -LRB100 16739 MST 31879 r

1Sweeney, Shawn Dulin, Michael Harper, Colton Rowden, Ben
2Berberet, Will Ryan, Clay Johnson, Quinton Boxman, Nathan
3Jackson, Alex Baylor, Mason Lutzow, Matt Tungett, Jared
4Lagemann, Jarrett Reed, Jayden Reed, Dalton Weakly, Jack Bruso,
5Logan Peters, Mike McNicholas, Ethan Vose, Clay Alewelt, Cole
6Allen, Jonathon McKenzie, Chris Koerwitz, Adam Krech, Jacob
7DuRocher, and Jordan Smith; therefore, be it
10congratulate the Rochester High School football team, the
11Rockets, on winning the 2017 Illinois High School Association
12Class 4A State Championship; and be it further
13    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
14presented to each member of the Rockets, the coaching staff,
15and school administrators.