HR0587LRB100 14426 MST 29207 r


2    WHEREAS, On September 5, 2017, President Trump and Attorney
3General Jeff Sessions announced the end the Deferred Action for
4Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program; and
5    WHEREAS, In his announcement, Attorney General Sessions
6misled and mischaracterized those benefiting from the DACA
7program, as well as immigrant communities in general; and
8    WHEREAS, Information released on September 5, 2017 from
9United States Immigration and Customs Enforcements (ICE)
10states that they expect young people who benefited from DACA to
11use the remaining time on their work permits to "prepare and
12arrange for their departure" to return to their countries of
13birth; and
14    WHEREAS, Hundreds of community members, educational
15institutions, political leaders from both parties, and
16religious and business leaders publicly advocated against the
17end of DACA; and
18    WHEREAS, DACA benefited young people who came to the United
19States before the age of 16, giving them a chance to study or
20to work if they meet certain criteria; this criteria includes
21age limits, physical presence in the United States, educational



HR0587- 2 -LRB100 14426 MST 29207 r

1requirements, and no serious criminal convictions; and
2    WHEREAS, Since 2012, over 800,000 immigrants in the United
3States and more than 41,000 in Illinois have received work
4permits and temporary protection from deportation through the
5DACA program; and
6    WHEREAS, A 2016 report by the Center for American Progress
7states that more than 60% of DACA recipients achieved financial
8independence, and 61% reported helping their families; in
9addition, DACA recipients reported increased earnings by an
10average of 42%, and 70% of those in school with DACA are
11pursuing a bachelor's degree or higher; and
12    WHEREAS, Ending the DACA program will have life-changing
13and even tragic life-or-death consequences; and
14    WHEREAS, The end of DACA is detrimental to individuals,
15families, and to the interests of residents of the State of
16Illinois; and
17    WHEREAS, The State of Illinois values and respects the
18inherent worth of every person, regardless of immigration
19status, and welcomes the cultural and economic contributions of
20DACA recipients and their families; therefore, be it



HR0587- 3 -LRB100 14426 MST 29207 r

3call on President Donald J. Trump and the U.S. Department of
4Homeland Security to preserve protections under DACA and to
5uphold the values of the United States and the State of
6Illinois of providing protection to vulnerable young people who
7have lived much of their lives in the United States, attended
8school in the United States, and made the United States their
9home; and be it further
10    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
11delivered to the President of the United States, the Majority
12and Minority Leaders of the United States Senate, the Speaker
13and Minority Leader of the United States House of
14Representatives, the Acting Director of the U.S. Department of
15Homeland Security, the Attorney General of the United States,
16and all members of the Illinois Congressional Delegation.