Rep. Laura Fine

Filed: 3/6/2018





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 4146 on page 3, by
3replacing lines 8 through 12 with the following:
4        "This paragraph (3) does not prohibit a health care
5    plan, by contract, written policy or procedure, or any
6    other agreement or course of conduct, from requiring a
7    pharmacist to effect substitutions of prescription drugs
8    consistent with Section 19.5 of the Pharmacy Practice Act,
9    under which a pharmacist may substitute an interchangeable
10    biologic for a prescribed biologic product, and Section 25
11    of the Pharmacy Practice Act, under which a pharmacist may
12    select a generic drug determined to be therapeutically
13    equivalent by the United States Food and Drug
14    Administration and in accordance with the Illinois Food,
15    Drug and Cosmetic Act.".