Illinois General Assembly

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House Committees     98th General Assembly
Accountability & Administrative RevHAAR
Adoption Reform ADPT
Agriculture & Conservation HAGC
Approp-Elementary & Secondary Educ HAPE
Appropriations-General Service HAPG
 - Special Budget Subcommittee HAPG-SPBU
Appropriations-Higher Education HAPI
Appropriations-Human Services HAPH
Appropriations-Public Safety HAPP
Biotechnology Committee BIOT
Business Growth & Incentives HBGI
Business Occupational Licenses HBOL
 - Business Licenses Subcommittee HBOL-BLIC
Cities & Villages HCIV
 - Local Government Subcommittee HCIV-LOGO
Committee of the Whole HCWL
Consumer Protection HCON
 - Consumer Health Subcommittee HCON-COHE
Counties & Townships HCOT
 - Local Government Consolidation Sub HCOT-CTLG
Economic Development HECD
Elementary & Secondary Education HELM
 - Charter Schools Subcommittee HELM-CHAR
 - Science, Technology, Engineering, HELM-STEM
 - Special Issues Subcommittee HELM-ISSU
Energy HENG
Environment HENE
 - Climate Change Subcommittee HENE-CCHA
Executive HEXC
Financial Institutions HFIN
Health & Healthcare Disparities HHCD
Health Care Availability Access HHCA
Health Care Licenses HHCL
Higher Education HHED
 - Higher Ed Special Issues Sub HHED-HESI
Housing HOUS
Human Services HHSV
 - Facilities Subcommittee HHSV-FACI
 - Informed Consent Subcommittee HHSV-INCO
 - Public Benefits Subcommittee HHSV-PUBT
Insurance HINS
 - Health Exchange Marketplace Sub HINS-HEMS
 - Long Term Care Subcommittee HINS-LTCI
International Trade & Commerce HITC
Joint Criminal Justice Reform Comm.HCJR
Judiciary HJUA
 - Civil Process and Procedures SubcomHJUA-CIPP
 - Criminal Procedure, Penalties HJUA-CPPS
 - Firearms Subcommittee HJUA-FIRE
 - General Law Subcommittee HJUA-GLAW
 - Real Estate, Property, Probate, TruHJUA-RPPT
 - Sex Offenses Subcommittee HJUA-SEOF
Labor & Commerce Committee HLBR
 - Unemployment Insurance SubcommitteeHLBR-UINS
 - Worker's Compensation Subcommittee HLBR-WCOM
 - Workforce Reconciliation SubcommittHLBR-WORE
Mass Transit HMAS
Museums, Arts, & Cultural EnhancemeHMAC
Personnel & Pensions HPPN
Public Safety: Police & Fire CommitHSPF
Public Utilities HPUB
Restorative Justice HREJ
Revenue & Finance HREF
 - Finance Subcommittee HREF-FINA
 - Income Tax Subcommittee HREF-INTX
 - Property Tax Subcommittee HREF-PROP
 - Sales and Other Taxes Subcommittee HREF-SALE
 - Tax Policy: Business Climate Sub HREF-TAXB
 - Tax Policy: Other Taxes SubcommitteHREF-TAXO
 - Tax Policy: Sales Tax Subcommittee HREF-TASA
 - Taxi Policy: Income Tax SubcommitteHREF-TAXI
 - Towing Oversight Subcommittee HREF-TOWO
Rules HRUL
Small Business Empowerment & WorkfoHSBE
State Government Administration HSGA
 - Special Subcommittee HSGA-SPEC
 - Tax Policy: Business Climate Sub HSGA-TAXB
 - Tax Policy: Income Tax SubcommitteeHSGA-TAXI
 - Tax Policy: Other Taxes SubcommitteHSGA-TAXO
 - Tax Policy: Sales Tax Subcommittee HSGA-TAXS
Tollway Oversight HTOL
Tourism & Conventions HTOR
Transportation, Regulation, Roads HTRR
 - Transportation: Railroad and Air HTRR-TRAS
 - Transportation: Regis and Regu HTRR-TRES
Transportation: Vehicles & Safety HVES
 - Transportation: License Plates HVES-TRLP
 - Transportation: Signs HVES-TRSI
Veterans' Affairs HVET