Illinois General Assembly

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House Committees     97th General Assembly
Adoption Reform ADPT
Aging HAGI
Agriculture & Conservation HAGC
 - Animals Subcommittee HAGC-ANIM
 - Firearms Subcommittee HAGC-FIRE
 - Food Products Subcommittee HAGC-FOOD
 - Hunting Subcommittee HAGC-HUNT
Approp-Elementary & Secondary Educ HAPE
Appropriations-General Service HAPG
Appropriations-Higher Education HAPI
Appropriations-Human Services HAPH
 - Medicaid Subcommittee HAPH-MEDI
Appropriations-Public Safety HAPP
Armed Forces & Military Affairs HAMA
Bio-Technology HBIO
Business Occupational Licenses HBOL
 - Licensure Review Subcommittee HBOL-LICR
Cities & Villages HCIV
Committee of the Whole HCWL
Consumer Protection HCON
 - Consumer Review Subcommittee HCON-CRVW
Counties & Townships HCOT
 - Local Government Administration SubHCOT-LOCG
 - Revenue & Spending Subcommittee HCOT-SPEN
Disability Services HDIS
Elections & Campaign Reform HECR
Elementary & Secondary Education HELM
 - Mandate Subcommittee HELM-MANS
Environment & Energy HENE
 - Energy Resources Subcommittee HENE-ENRE
Environmental Health HENH
Executive HEXC
Financial Institutions HFIN
Health & Healthcare Disparities HHCD
Health Care Availability Access HHCA
Health Care Licenses HHCL
 - Licensures Review Subcommittee HHCL-LICE
Higher Education HHED
Housing HOUS
Human Services HHSV
 - Assistance and Benefits SubcommitteHHSV-ASBE
 - Facilities and Institutions SubcommHHSV-FAIN
Insurance HINS
 - Health Exchanges Subcommittee HINS-EXCH
International Trade & Commerce HITC
Judiciary I - Civil Law HJUA
 - Cemeteries Subcommittee HJUA-CEME
 - Government Operations Subcommittee HJUA-GOOP
 - Housing and Property Subcommittee HJUA-HOPO
 - Judicial Process Subcommittee HJUA-JUDP
Judiciary II - Criminal Law HJUB
 - Corrections Subcommittee HJUB-CORR
 - Drugs Subcommittee HJUB-DRGS
 - Sex Crime Subcommittee HJUB-SEXC
Labor HLBR
 - Prevailing Wage Subcommittee HLBR-WAGE
 - Unemployment Insurance SubcommitteeHLBR-UEMP
 - Workers' Compensation Subcommittee HLBR-WORK
Mass Transit HMAS
Pension Investments PENI
Personnel & Pensions HPPN
Public Utilities HPUB
 - Public Utilities Cellular Service HPUB-CELL
Redistricting DIST
Revenue & Finance HREF
 - Finance HREF-FINC
 - Income Tax HREF-ITAX
 - Property Tax HREF-PTAX
 - Sales and Other Taxes HREF-STAX
 - Tax Sales Subcommittee HREF-TAXS
Rules HRUL
Select Committee on Discipline HSCD
Small Business Empowerment & WorkfoHSBE
Special Investigating Committee SPIC
State Government Administration HSGA
 - New State Programs or Expenditures HSGA-NEWS
 - Procedures Subcommittee HSGA-PROC
 - Special License Plate Subcomittee HSGA-LICN
Telecommunications HTEL
Tollway Oversight HTOL
 - Tollway Oversight Review SubcommittHTOL-TOLL
Tourism & Conventions HTOR
Transportation, Regulation, Roads HTRR
 - Railroad and Air Transportation SubHTRR-RAIL
 - Transportation Reg. and Reg. SubcomHTRR-TRRS
Transportation: Vehicles & Safety HVES
 - Speed Limits Subcommittee HVES-SPED
Veterans' Affairs HVET