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Illinois General Assembly

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House Committees     93rd General Assembly
Aging HAGI
Agriculture and Conservation HAGC
Approp-Elementary & Secondary Educ HAPE
Appropriations-General Service HAPG
Appropriations-Higher Education HAPI
Appropriations-Human Services HAPH
 - Hospital Closures, Subcommittee of HAPH-HOSC
Appropriations-Public Safety HAPP
Commerce & Business Development HCBD
Computer Technology HCOM
Conflicts of Interest HCFI
Consumer Protection HCON
Develop Disabilities Mental IllnessHDMI
Elections and Campaign Reform HECR
Elementary & Secondary Education HELM
Environment and Energy HENE
 - Air Quality, Subcommittee on HENE-AIRQ
 - Electric Deregulation, SubcommitteeHENE-ELEC
 - Land and Solid Waste, Subcom HENE-LAND
 - Water Quality & Quantity, Subcom HENE-WATR
Executive HEXC
 - Legislative Review, Subcommittee HEXC-LEGI
Fee For Service Initiatives FFSI
Financial Institutions HFIN
 - Payday and Title Loans, SubcommitteHFIN-LOAN
Gaming HGAM
Health Care Availability Access HHCA
 - Healthy Illinois Plan HHCA-HHIP
Higher Education HHED
Housing & Urban Development HHUD
 - Residential Renters Rights & ResponHHUD-RENT
 - Transit, Subcommittee on HHUD-TRAN
Human Services HHSV
IL State Toll Highway Authority TOLL
Insurance HINS
 - Ins. Health Care Cost Drivers, Sub HINS-COST
 - Mandatory Insurance, Subcommittee HINS-MAND
Judiciary I - Civil Law HJUA
Judiciary II - Criminal Law HJUB
 - Public Safety HJUB-SAFE
Juvenile Justice Reform HJJR
Labor HLBR
 - Workers Comp Unemploy Insurance HLBR-WCUI
Local Government HLGV
Mass Transit for Northeastern IL SMTN
Pension Fund Management ProcurementPFMP
Personnel & Pensions HPPN
Public Utilities HPUB
 - Electric and Natural Gas, Subcom HPUB-ELEC
 - Telecommunications, Subcommittee onHPUB-TELE
Qualifications Challenge Committee HQCC
Registration & Regulation HREG
Revenue HREV
 - Income Tax, Subcommittee on HREV-RITX
 - Property Tax, Subcommittee on HREV-RPTX
 - Sales & Other Tax, Subcommittee on HREV-RSOT
Rules HRUL
State Government Administration HSGA
 - Gov. Accountability & Streamlining HSGA-GOVE
 - Special Vehicle License Plates, SubHSGA-VEHI
Tourism HTOR
Transportation & Motor Vehicles HTRN
 - Airports, Subcomittee on HTRN-AIRP
 - Licenses, Subcommittee on HTRN-LICN
 - Mass Transit Compliance, Subcom HTRN-MASS
 - Motorcycles/Trucking, Subcom HTRN-MOTO
 - Railroads, Subcommittee on HTRN-RAIL
 - Roads, Bridges & Traffic Safety HTRN-ROAD
Veterans Affairs HVET
Whole, Committee of the HCWL