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Illinois General Assembly

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Representative Margo McDermed (R), 37th District
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
HB248Margo McDermedFIREARMS-JUDICIAL OFFICERSHTo Firearms and Firearm Safety Subcommittee2/19/2019
HB821Margo McDermedPTELL-SCHOOL DISTRICTSHTo Property Tax Subcommittee2/14/2019
HB878Margo McDermedGA MEMBER-STATE PARTY CHAIRHTo Constitutional Law Subcommittee2/14/2019
HB879Margo McDermedGA MEMBER-REVOLVING DOOR BANHTo Constitutional Law Subcommittee2/20/2019
HB880Margo McDermedPROPERTY TAX-AIRPORT PROPERTYHTo Property Tax Subcommittee2/14/2019
HB881Margo McDermedEQUAL PAY ACT WAGE INFORMATIONHTo Wage Policy and Study Subcommittee2/27/2019
HB1440Margo McDermedTRACK-SEXUAL ASSAULT EVIDENCEHAssigned to Judiciary - Criminal Committee2/5/2019
HB1656Margo McDermedCRIM-IDENTIFYING INFORMATIONSPlaced on Calendar Order of First Reading March 21, 20193/20/2019
HB2131Margo McDermedHIGHWAY NOISE SUPPRESSIONHAssigned to Transportation: Regulation, Roads & Bridges Committee2/19/2019
HB2374Margo McDermedVEH CD-DISABILITY STICKERHAssigned to Transportation: Vehicles & Safety Committee2/26/2019
HB2686Margo McDermedCHILD ABUSE-REPORTING-PENALTYHAssigned to Judiciary - Criminal Committee2/26/2019
HB2687Margo McDermedCHILD CARE FACILITIESHAssigned to Child Care Accessibility & Early Childhood Education Committee2/26/2019
HB2688Margo McDermedETHICS-RIGHTS OF COMPLAINANTSHAssigned to Executive Committee2/26/2019
HB2981Margo McDermedTRANSPORTATION-VARIOUSHAssigned to Executive Committee2/26/2019
HB3116Margo McDermedGOOD SAMARITAN ACT-FREE CLINICHTo Tort Liability Subcommittee3/6/2019
HR53Margo McDermedCONGRATS-PROVIDENCE CATHOLICHResolution Adopted1/29/2019
HR57Margo McDermedROBOCALLS-PREVENTIONHResolution Adopted3/13/2019
HR60Margo McDermedAGENT ORANGE-VETSHResolution Adopted3/13/2019
HR63Margo McDermedCANCER SCREEN WEEKHPlaced on Calendar Order of Resolutions2/20/2019
HR96Margo McDermed19TH AMENDMENT-COMMENDHResolution Adopted2/13/2019
SJR18Dave SyversonAUTO DIALING TASK FORCEHReferred to Rules Committee3/12/2019