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Representative Ryan Spain (R), 73rd District
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
HB461Ryan SpainDHHS-DEVELOP DISABILITY REPORTHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/31/2017
HB462Ryan SpainUTILITIES-WATER PRICING REPORTHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/31/2017
HB463Ryan SpainUTILITIES-WATER ASSETS PRICINGHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/31/2017
HB730Ryan SpainINC TX-RIVER EDGEHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/31/2017
HB2425Ryan SpainINC TX-WITHHOLDINGHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/31/2017
HB2428Ryan SpainPROP TX-HOMESTEAD EXEMPTIONHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee4/28/2017
HB2682Ryan SpainPUBLIC EMPLOYEE BENEFITS-TECHHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/31/2017
HB2810Ryan SpainANIMALS-TECHHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-05049/15/2017
HB2811Ryan SpainANIMALS-TECHHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/31/2017
HB3051Ryan Spain$DNR-WILDLIFE PRAIRIE PARKHRule 19(b) / Re-referred to Rules Committee9/28/2017
HB3454Ryan SpainSTATE GOVERNMENT-TECHHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/31/2017
HB3455Ryan SpainDNR-VOLUNTEERS-TRAIL PROGRAMHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-01808/18/2017
HB3456Ryan SpainESTATE TAX-TRACK W/FEDERAL TAXHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/31/2017
HB3640Ryan SpainEDGE-SUNSET-NEW EMPLOYEEHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/31/2017
HB3862Ryan SpainUNEMP INS BENEFIT CHARGE LIMITHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee3/31/2017
HB4769Ryan SpainCRIMINAL LAW-TECHHReferred to Rules Committee2/13/2018
HB4770Ryan SpainPROP TX-ERRONEOUS HOMESTEADHReferred to Rules Committee2/13/2018
HB4771Ryan SpainMEDICAID-LONG-TERM CARE-DOCSHAssigned to Human Services Committee3/5/2018
HB4772Ryan SpainVEH CD-MANDATORY ALCOHOL TESTSHReferred to Rules Committee2/13/2018
HB4773Ryan SpainPUBLIC EMPLOYEE BENEFITS-TECHHReferred to Rules Committee2/13/2018
HB4879Ryan SpainPOWER OF ATTORNEY OMSBUDSMANHTo Trusts & Estates Law Subcommittee3/7/2018
HB5006Ryan SpainINFRASTRUCTURE DESIGN BUILDHAssigned to Transportation: Regulation, Roads & Bridges Committee3/5/2018
HB5007Ryan SpainVEH CD-NON-HWY VEH-GOLF CARTSHReferred to Rules Committee2/14/2018
HB5008Ryan SpainUTILITIES-WATER ASSETS PRICINGHAssigned to Public Utilities Committee3/5/2018
HB5009Ryan SpainUTILITIES-WATER PRICING REPORTHAssigned to Public Utilities Committee3/5/2018
HB5010Ryan SpainEMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICESHReferred to Rules Committee2/14/2018
HB5011Ryan SpainFOOD SERVICE SANITATION CERTHAssigned to Consumer Protection Committee3/5/2018
HB5012Ryan SpainESTATE TAX-REPEALHReferred to Rules Committee2/14/2018
HB5013Ryan SpainPEN CD-POLICE/FIRE INVESTMENTHAssigned to Personnel & Pensions Committee3/5/2018
HB5015Ryan SpainDNR PROGRAMS-EQUIPMENTHAssigned to Agriculture & Conservation Committee3/5/2018
HB5030Ryan SpainIDOR-ONLINE SALESHReferred to Rules Committee2/14/2018
HB5352Ryan SpainHIGHWAY CD-HIGHWAY MOWING BANHReferred to Rules Committee2/16/2018
HB5353Ryan SpainUTILITY-RURAL INVESTMENTHAssigned to Revenue & Finance Committee3/5/2018
HR179Ryan SpainMEMORIAL - CHIEF RYAN OWENSHResolution Adopted3/7/2017
HR628Ryan SpainCOMMENDS-KEVIN D. SCHOEPLEINHResolution Adopted10/24/2017
HR894Ryan SpainCONGRATS-RICHWOODS LDY KNIGHTSHResolution Adopted3/7/2018
HR895Ryan SpainTRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTUREHReferred to Rules Committee3/6/2018
HR921Ryan SpainMEMORIAL-ROBERT LEHNHAUSENHFiled with the Clerk by Rep. Ryan Spain3/15/2018
HJRCA43Ryan SpainCON AMEND-REDISTRICTINGHReferred to Rules Committee2/27/2018
SB1319Tim BivinsADLT GUARDIANS-VIDEO HEARINGSSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-04278/25/2017
SB1385Chuck WeaverPROP TX-URBAN DECAYHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee5/31/2017
SB1529Jil TracyFARM NUISANCE-HORSES&LIVESTOCKSPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-04478/25/2017
SJR35Chuck WeaverSCPO OWENS MEM HGHWYSAdopted Both Houses3/6/2018