lru staff

The LRU staff includes lawyers, scientists, general researchers, librarians, and others.  Most have at least one graduate degree, in subjects such as law, economics, or political science.

alan r. kroner, executive director
jonathan p. wolff, associate director
david r. miller, deputy director for research

Sarah Barlow, senior research associate
Kimberly Bartosz, head librarian
Robert L. Bayless, senior staff scientist
Thomas Bazan, assistant deputy director for research
Tara Burke, office associate/proofreader
Robert Davis, research associate
Alexis Dawson, research associate
Lacey Graham, office associate
Amanda Gruber, boards and commissions
Kathleen Hazelwood, federal aid coordinator
Jennifer Hebel, research librarian
Dianna Jones, office administrator
Samuel Miller, research associate
Ashley Musser, senior research associate
Larry Riley, office associate
Joshua Scanlon, staff attorney
Susan Sicilia, assistant fiscal officer
Pia Yoswig, library associate