Section 1457.90  Continued Fitness Standards


a)         Personnel Standards


1)         No household goods carrier shall permit any driver, helper, and/or packer to be used in the transportation of any household goods shipment or in the performance of accessorial services unless that person is trained in the movement of household goods.


2)         No household goods carrier shall knowingly permit drivers, helpers and/or packers to go on duty who are under the influence of alcoholic beverages or liquors of any kind, or narcotics, or habit-forming drugs not prescribed by a physician.  Nor shall the use of these substances be allowed while the employees are on duty.  Knowledge by the carrier is deemed to exist if known to the foreman or other manager of the crew.


b)         Equipment Standards


1)         Equipment and facilities utilized by a household goods carrier for the transportation of household goods shall be  maintained in a manner that is sufficient to protect the goods from damage or breakage.  The interior of those vehicles used to transport household goods shipments shall be clean and free from vermin and debris.


2)         For shipments transported at  hourly rates, the household goods carrier shall determine the number of men and the size and the number of motor vehicle equipment that is appropriate to provide safe and timely transportation services for the requested movement.  If the carrier deviates from its initial determination as stated in the carrier's written estimate, the shipper shall not be charged for any resulting excess charges in unless the shipper is informed and agrees in writing.  A notation shall be placed on the bill of lading indicating the number of men and motor vehicles initially estimated and the number actually furnished and used for the move.


c)         Advertising Standards


1)         For purposes of this Section, the term "advertisement" means any advertisement, solicitation, or other communication with the  public in relation to the offer or sale of Illinois intrastate  household goods transportation service.  The term shall include advertisement by radio, television, internet, computer media or any other medium. The term shall not include a simple listing of household goods carriers' names, addresses, and telephone numbers, as in a telephone directory.


2)         Each household goods carrier shall include, and shall require each of its agents to include, in every advertisement the full name of the originating household goods carrier as it appears on the carrier's license from the Commission.  The advertisement shall also identify the carrier by showing the characters "ILL.C.C." followed by the license number assigned to the household goods carrier by the Commission.


3)         Household goods carriers who are duly authorized agents for other licensed carriers, including carriers operating under the jurisdiction of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, may advertise and represent themselves as such an agent.


4)         The following advertising practices shall not be conducted by household goods carriers:


A)        Household goods carriers shall not advertise rates unless the following caveats are included in the advertisement:


i)                    "Rates effective (date), subject to change"; and


ii)         "Actual charges governed by applicable tariffs, this advertisement notwithstanding";


B)        Household goods carriers shall not misrepresent the scope of services offered and made available to the public under authority of the license issued by the Commission;


C)        Household goods carriers shall not advertise that their operations are conducted at addresses or locations where duly authorized  employees are not on duty during all business hours.  The location of a telephone answering service does not constitute  an address or location where duly authorized employees are on duty;


D)        Household goods carriers shall not advertise or otherwise offer to provide insurance or storage of personal property for compensation unless the carrier is duly licensed to engage in the offered activity by the appropriate agency of the State of Illinois; and


E)        No applicant for household goods authority shall advertise by any means until authority to operate has been issued by the Commission.

d)         Standards for Forms of Payment


1)         Household goods carriers shall  accept payment tendered in the following forms:


A)        Cash;


B)        Cashier's check; or


C)        Money order.


2)         A household goods carrier may accept payment in other forms, including personal checks and credit cards, if to do so does not result in a practice that circumvents the statutory requirement that a carrier charge no more or less than the rate in the applicable tariff.  No household goods carrier shall accept barter as payment.


3)         A household goods carrier shall not refuse to accept any ordinary form of payment unless, before rendition of the service, the carrier has advised the shipper, in writing, that it would not accept payment in the form tendered.


e)         Notification of any delay in pickup or delivery shall be given to the shipper by telephone, e-mail, fax, or in person, at the carrier's expense, as soon as it becomes apparent that the delay will occur, provided the shipper has given  information sufficient for the communication.


f)         All household goods carriers shall hold themselves out to provide a guaranteed delivery service at the tariff charge.  The term "guaranteed delivery" shall mean that a carrier providing service shall perform delivery on a specified date.


g)         No household goods carrier shall accept a shipment of household goods for transportation that is subject to the minimum weight, distance, or time provisions of the carrier's tariff without first having advised the shipper of the minimum weight, distance, or time provisions.  Failure to advise the shipper, in writing, of the provisions shall void the minimum rate application.


h)         All household goods carriers shall maintain on file with the Commission all required insurance coverage including, where applicable, insurance in compliance with the Workers' Compensation Act [820 ILCS 305].


(Source:  Amended at 31 Ill. Reg. 3156, effective March 1, 2007)