Section 1030.88  Exemption of Facility Administered Road Test


a)         The Department shall exempt a high school student from a facility-administered road test if the student has earned a grade of A or B for an approved high school driver education course, passed a road test administered by a Department certified high school driver education instructor, and received an authorization form signed by the driver education instructor exempting the student from the facility-administered road test.


b)         Commercial driver training schools licensed pursuant to IVC Section 6-401 shall not be allowed to participate in the cooperative driver testing program.


c)         Each local board of education that wants to participate in the cooperative driver testing program must submit an application to the Field Services Bureau, Department of Driver Services of the Secretary of State's Office, 2701 S. Dirksen Parkway, Springfield, Illinois 62723.  The application shall consist of the Cooperative Driver Testing Program Intent to Participate form and also a Compliance Affidavit for each participating driver education instructor.  The application shall include the name and address of the high school and the names of the driver education instructors who will participate in the program.  The application shall also include a statement that the schools and instructors listed for participation in the program shall administer a road test.  The application shall be submitted once per calendar year.  The Department shall accept all Intent to Participate forms that are accurate and complete and signed by the district superintendent.  The Department shall accept all Compliance Affidavits that are accurate and complete and that show compliance with subsection (e).


d)         Each instructor shall submit a compliance affidavit that shows the instructor is an accredited driver education teacher with the Illinois State Board of Education pursuant to 23 Ill. Adm. Code 1.730(q), possesses either a valid Illinois driver's license or a valid and properly classified out-of-state driver's license with submission annually of an acceptable, certified out-of-state driving abstract, and shall have attended an initial certification clinic offered by the Department.


e)         The exemption from the facility testing will expire on the same day as the student's current instruction permit.  The student shall be required to obtain a valid driver's license prior to the expiration date of the permit in accordance with the program.  After the expiration date, the student shall complete a facility-administered road test.  No extension of the exemption from facility testing beyond the expiration date of the instruction permit shall be allowed.


f)         The Department shall spot-check a sample of the exempted driver population.  The Field Services Bureau of the Department shall choose the sample to be tested based on the applicant's birthday.  Three calendar days per month shall be designated for the testing, and an applicant whose birthday is on one of the selected days shall be required to successfully complete a facility-administered drive test.  The selected dates shall be altered every three months.


g)         The exemption authorization form shall be designated in a manner prescribed by the Department.  The student shall submit the authorization form to a Driver Services Facility employee of the Department when applying for a driver's license.


h)         The Department shall exempt an applicant for a Class M or Class L driver's license (see Section 1030.30), which allows operation of a motorcycle and/or motor-driven cycle, from a facility-administered road test if the applicant:


1)         is 18 years of age or older;


2)         possesses a valid Illinois driver's license to operate any other classification of motor vehicle; and


3)         shows acceptable proof of completion of a motorcycle rider safety training course approved by the Illinois Department of Transportation stating the individual is qualified to operate a motorcycle and/or motor-driven cycle with the cubic centimeter piston displacement that correlates to the classification of driver's license applied for.  Successful completion of the motorcycle rider safety training course shall be evidenced by a Student Completion Card issued by the Illinois Department of Transportation not more than one year prior to the date of application.


(Source:  Amended at 33 Ill. Reg. 2391, effective January 21, 2009)