Section 755.27  The Admissions Process


a)         When the information required by Section 755.25 has been received, the School may request the following to determine a student's eligibility for admission:


1)         if additional documentation is needed, the parents shall be requested to sign a release of information for the purpose of obtaining the additional documentation;


2)         if additional documentation is not available, the School may require additional evaluations from the LEA and/or parent to determine if the School is the appropriate placement for the student.


b)         When all of the necessary information required for admission has been received, the Superintendent's designee shall convene a meeting to determine eligibility. The meeting shall include representatives of LEA staff, School educational and dormitory representatives, medical personnel, the parents, the student and any other individual deemed necessary by the Superintendent.  The purpose of this meeting shall be to review all of the required application information and:


1)         make a request for additional information, if deemed necessary; or


2)         recommend to the Superintendent that the student be granted admission; or


3)         recommend to the Superintendent that the student attend school on an evaluation basis; or


4)         recommend to the Superintendent that the student be denied admission.


c)         An evaluation shall be used when, after receipt of all necessary information, there remains a question as to whether the School is an appropriate setting for the student.  An evaluation shall be used for up to one semester.  If, at the end of the evaluation, it remains unclear as to the appropriateness of the School for the student, a second evaluation may be granted for up to an additional semester.  The anticipated time frame of the evaluation will be established by the School, parents, local school district and student prior to beginning the evaluation. The evaluation is not an admission to the School.  The results of the evaluation shall determine admission.  At the conclusion of the evaluation, the School, parents, student and local school district shall discuss whether admission to the School is appropriate.


d)         The superintendent shall send written notification within 15 working days following the meeting.  Notification shall be sent to the parent and the local school district regarding the outcome of the application for admission.  For students who are accepted, the letter shall contain such information as the date of planned admission and any special considerations or expectations. This letter may also include the information regarding an evaluation.  Students who are accepted will be enrolled as soon as possible, but no later than the beginning of the next semester, provided space is available. For students denied admission, the Superintendent shall furnish to the applicant's parents, the local school district, and ISBE a written statement detailing the reasons for the denial, including, but not limited to, the types of related aids and services the child needs and the reasons the School cannot provide those aids and services.  The statement shall also notify the parents  of their right to appeal this decision to the Superintendent.


(Source:  Amended at 37 Ill. Reg. 17109, effective October 8, 2013)