Section 530.230  Program Outcomes


To be claimed as a successful outcome, the following criteria in the indicated categories must be met.


a)         To be considered to have achieved a successful outcome:


1)         the individual must:


A)        have a physical or mental disability which, for the individual, causes, or may cause, a substantial impediment to employment;


B)        have an active IPE and Individual Service Plan; and


C)        participate in at least one of the programs or services offered by the agency as evidenced by group billings submitted to DHS-ORS.


2)         these criteria must be met:


A)        the employment outcome is consistent with the individual's abilities and interests;


B)        the outcome meets the individual's needs in terms of income, security, opportunity for advancement and employment outcome;


C)        the individual performs the job duties effectively and efficiently;


D)        the employment and working conditions are not contraindicated based on the customer's disability, and the customer will not jeopardize the health and safety of others while on the job site;


E)        the employment is regular and reasonably permanent; and


F)         a follow-up service plan has been developed and such services will be provided to the individual as necessary to afford him/her every opportunity to maintain employment.  Follow-up must be maintained for a minimum of 90 days after placement and stabilization of the customer on the work-site.


b)         DHS-ORS shall award a competitive outcome within an agency operated program when:


1)         the customer is making at least minimum wage;


2)         no other State or federal agency is funding the customer as a sheltered employee (Section 530.130(a)(16)(C);


3)         a job description is in place which gives evidence the position is an agency staff position;


4)         the customer receives the same benefits and privileges of employment as other agency employees;


5)         the site is integrated; and


6)         the customer has maintained employment for at least 90 calendar days.


c)         DHS-ORS shall award a successful supported employment outcome when the customer has maintained job stability for a period of 90 days or more and extended services are being provided through a source other than DHS-ORS.  Additionally:


1)         severely disabled workers are employed in groups of eight or less; and


2)         the customer is in need of, and is provided, on-going support services at a rate of at least 2 contacts per month.


d)         DHS-ORS shall award a successful placement in work services when the customer:


1)         is offered an average of at least 20 hours of paid work per week per pay period;


2)         earns at least 25% of the minimum wage; and


3)         has maintained employment for at least 90 calendar days.


e)         Outcome Verification


1)         Successful outcomes will be reported monthly by agencies paid through Level of Funding or Base Plus Performance agreements and quarterly by Fee for Service agencies.


2)         Successful outcomes are determined by the DHS-ORS counselor serving the particular customer and are stated in the customer's IPE (89 Ill. Adm. Code 572).  Verification depends upon the customer achieving the employment outcome stated in his/her IPE.


A)        Multiple outcomes may be credited for the same customer when the services provided by the agency are needed for the customer to attain each employment goal, the outcome identified was included in the customer's IPE and the customer is making progress toward competitive employment outcome.


B)        Two agencies may be awarded one-half an outcome credit when the customer has participated in approved programming of each agency and the services provided by each agency contributed toward the achievement of the goal.  No more than two agencies may share an outcome.


C)        If the DHS-ORS counselor does not approve a successful outcome submitted by an agency, the counselor shall make written notice of the rejection to the agency within 45 days.


(Source:  Amended at 23 Ill. Reg. 14663, effective December 13, 1999)