Section 360.6  Grants-in-Aid for Child Abuse and Neglect Research, Demonstration and Development


a)         Grants-in-aid relating to child abuse and neglect may be provided as funding is available, for the specific purposes of:


1)         reviewing or conducting applied or client research to further policy or practice development for the prevention or treatment of child abuse and neglect;


2)         developing new programs, models or tools or techniques;


3)         disseminating tested and validated programs and practices through support of projects which replicate these programs and practices.


b)         The types of activities which may be supported by the grant program include:


1)         applied research;


2)         evaluation and technical assistance;


3)         development or demonstration of new direct client service programs to prevent or treat child abuse or neglect;


4)         education or public awareness programs or materials;


5)         efforts to mobilize and coordinate community resources.


c)         Each year the Department assesses the Department's research, demonstration and development needs.  This assessment of need is used as the basis for the development of a statement of priorities.  These priorities are issued with guidelines requesting applications for new projects.  Eligible applicants include public agencies, incorporated private agencies and qualified individuals.  In order to apply for funding, applicants must develop written proposals which provide the following kinds of information:


1)         the project's relationship to the Department's priorities;


2)         a review of the literature in the field or other documentation of need for the project;


3)         a program design which includes the project's objectives, goals, scheduled activities, and evaluation procedures;


4)         the applicant's ability to implement the project;


5)         personnel qualifications;


6)         a budget detail and justification; and


7)         other pertinent data, as requested.


d)         The Department shall determine the number and amount of grant awards based upon the scope of the projects and the total grant funds available. Because the nature of the grant program is research, demonstration, and development, grant support of projects is time limited.  The amount and length of funding of non-service projects, such as research and evaluation, will be based upon the scope and intent of these projects.  Direct client service projects may be supported through the grant program for up to three years.  Over this time period, grant support may be reduced.


e)         Funding of client service projects under the grant program follows the stipulations listed below:


1)         payments are made in quarterly allotments and are provided at the beginning of the quarter upon receipt of the previous quarter report;


2)         payment for the upcoming quarter is based upon the completion of the task specified in the grantee's contract for the previous quarter and upon submission of the required programmatic and financial reports for the previous quarter;


3)         the amount of funding for multi-year projects is determined by the terms of the grant award which will specify the levels of funding for which the grantee may be eligible over a specified time period.


f)         The Director of the Department, or designee, shall determine, based on total grant funds available, grants requests received, and the scope and intent of the request in relationship to the Department's priorities, the awards to be made, the amounts of the grants and the schedule of payments.  A written contract will be negotiated with the grant recipient.


g)         The request for proposal will identify the criteria for determining continued need as well as the expected length of support with grant funds.  Criteria for continuation of grants-in-aid will include, but are not limited to, the ability of the grantee to generate other sources of income, community support, and the availability of services in the geographic area.


h)         Grantees may apply for continuation of a grant beyond the fiscal year for which the grant was initially awarded.  The decision on renewal will be based on the continued need for the grant-in-aid such as client demand as evidenced by program caseload and the availability of grant funds and the Department's evaluation of the program for the funded year.


i)          The Department will monitor the effectiveness of the grant in relationship to the program design that stipulated the objectives and goals of the grants.


j)          The contract will specify all the required reports/materials and due dates that must be submitted by the grantee.  These reports/materials will be reviewed by the administrator responsible for contracts and grants and by the program specialist in the Division of Policy and Plans.  Grantees will receive copies of all monitoring reports for their programs.


(Source:  Amended at 29 Ill. Reg. 8724, effective June 8, 2005)