Section 2080.190  Reports


a)         For the purpose of intervention to prevent misuse, a prescriber or dispenser may request that reports about his or her patients be sent to them via a secure method if a patient meets the current PMP indications of potential misuse criteria set forth by the PMPAC.


b)         A personal information report of a patient's prescription profile may be obtained if:


1)         The patient, parent or guardian completes a notarized request; and


2)         The patient, parent or guardian submits the notarized request by mail to the PMP at:


Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program

401 North 4th Street, First Floor

Springfield, Illinois 62702


c)         When a person has been identified as having 3 or more prescribers or 3 or more pharmacies, or both, that do not utilize a common electronic file as specified in Section 20 of the Pharmacy Practice Act [225 ILCS 85] for controlled substances within the course of a continuous 30-day period, the PMP may issue an unsolicited report to the prescribers informing them of the potential medication shopping [720 ILCS 570/314.5(d)].  The individual prescriber's judgment determines what actions, if any, he or she should take upon receipt of the unsolicited 3-3-1 reports.


d)         The PMP is authorized to develop operational push reports to entities with compatible electronic medical records [720 ILCS 570/318(n)].  The push report will only include information for patients that are in the PMP organization's electronic medical record (EMR).  It is the responsibility of the entity to keep the access to this confidential patient information secure.  These entities must:


1)         Meet and maintain the PMP's current security standards prior to the electronic transfer of information from the PMP to its respective EMR;


2)         Be a licensed healthcare entity; and


3)         Only use this confidential patient information for the treatment of the relevant patient.


e)         Technical error and administrative function reports needed to determine that the records are received and maintained in good order may be used.


f)         Sample trend analysis reports may be prepared extemporaneously by PMP staff.  The disposition of all extemporaneous reports shall be at the discretion of the licensed, professional administrator of the PMP.


g)         Authorized persons listed in this subsection may request information from the PMP. 


1)         Official inquiries must be from any one of the following:


A)        DFPR;


B)        An investigator from the Illinois Consumer Protection Division of the Office of the Attorney General; or


C)        A law enforcement officer.


2)         Inquiries must be submitted in writing and demonstrate that:


A)        The applicant has reason to believe that a violation under State or federal law that involves a controlled substance by an individual has occurred; and [720 ILCS 570/318(e)(1)]


B)        The requested information is reasonably related to the investigation of the individual, adjudication, or prosecution of the violation. [720 ILCS 570/318(e)(2)]


3)         The Department may impose a fee for the cost of generating and furnishing the requested information.


h)         Any other reports concerning the information received from dispensers shall only be prepared at the direction of the Clinical Director or successor administrator who meets the statutory requirements.  The information described in subsection (g) may not be released until it has been reviewed by an employee of the Department who is licensed as a prescriber or a dispenser and until that employee has certified that further investigation is warranted [720 ILCS 570/318(g)].


i)          As directed by the PMPAC and the Clinical Director for the PMP, aggregate data that does not indicate any prescriber, practitioner, dispenser, or patient may be used for clinical studies under Article VIII, Part 21 of the Code of Civil Procedure [735 ILCS 5/Art. VIII, Part 21] (Medical Studies).


(Source:  Amended at 41 Ill. Reg. 11909, effective September 13, 2017)