Section 1300.630  Qualified Employers and Facilities


a)         The Division shall review applications and issue authorizations according to the requirements of the Act and this Part. Applications shall be made on forms furnished by the Division, along with the fee required by Section 1300.30(a)(2). The application shall be signed certifying under penalties of perjury that all information contained in the application is true and accurate. Each individual facility shall file a separate application regardless of ownership.  The Division shall review each application to determine whether it meets the minimum criteria and shall determine qualified applicants. If the Division determines that the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of authorizations available, the Division will select a committee to determine the most qualified applicants in that District using the factors established in subsection (c). Upon request, the applicant may be required to supply additional copies of the application or supplemental material.


b)         To be considered as a qualified facility for pilot program participation:


1)         The applicant shall meet the following minimum requirements:


A)        Be licensed in good standing as a skilled nursing facility by the Department of Public Health;


B)        Have an overall Five Star Quality Rating of 3, 4 or 5, at the time of application, from the most recent data available on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMMS) website;


C)        Certify that the employment of a licensed medication aide will not replace or diminish the employment of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse at the facility;


D)        Certify that a registered nurse will be on duty and present in the facility to delegate and supervise the medication administration by a licensed medication aide at all times when the medication aide is administering medication;


E)        Certify that, with the exception of licensed health care professionals, only licensed medication aides will be employed in the capacity of administering medication; and


F)         Certify that they will provide information regarding patient safety, efficiency and errors as determined by the Division. Failure to submit any required report may be grounds for discipline or sanctions under the Act, the Nursing Home Administrators Licensing and Disciplinary Act [225 ILCS 70], or the Nursing Home Care Act [210 ILCS 45];


2)         Applicant facilities must also provide:


A)        A sample curriculum, course schedule, list of instructors and other educational materials or documents to demonstrate that the applicant will be able to competently provide a course of instruction for employees that fulfills the Medication Aide Curriculum set forth in Section 1300.660;


B)        Copies of the two most recent annual licensure and certification surveys completed by IDPH.


c)         The following additional factors may be used in selecting qualified facilities to participate in the medication aide pilot program:


1)         An IDPH finding that the skilled nursing facility has been free from type B violation or above deficiencies related to the administration of medications and skilled nursing care in its two most recent annual licensure and certification surveys; 


2)         Geographic location of a skilled nursing facility;


3)         Number of beds for which a skilled nursing facility is licensed;


4)         Number of years that a skilled nursing facility or residential care facility has been licensed;


5)         Compliance and safety history of a skilled nursing facility as evidenced by the survey reports submitted with the pilot program application;


6)         Whether a skilled nursing facility is owned by an individual or entity that owns or operates additional nursing homes;


7)         Any other factors determined appropriate by the Department.


d)         The names and locations of approved qualified facilities shall be submitted to IDPH and shall be available on the Division's website.


(Source:  Added at 39 Ill. Reg. 15764, effective November 24, 2015)