Section 1175.1200  Sponsor Approval


a)         Sponsor, as used in this Section, shall mean accredited universities and colleges, industry or trade associations, corporate salons, franchise salons, independent salons, vocational and technical schools, cosmetology schools, and other entities (Section 4-1.5(a) of the Act) that have been approved and authorized by the Division to coordinate and present continuing education courses or programs for cosmetologists, cosmetology teachers, estheticians, esthetics teachers, nail technicians or nail technology teachers.


b)         A continuing education sponsor application shall be filed with the Division to be approved as a continuing education sponsor.  The application shall include:


1)         A copy of the Certificate of Attendance, which shall contain the following information:


A)        The CE sponsor registration number, name and address;


B)        Category of CE (cosmetology, nail technician, esthetics);


C)        Name and license number of the participant;


D)        Number of hours awarded; and


E)        Course title and date of course.


2)         A 3 hour CE course outline, including evidence of appropriate facilities, instructor qualifications and content of the course.


3)         Name and address of the contact person responsible for all recordkeeping.


4)         Certification that the sponsor will comply with all sponsor CE requirements set forth in this Subpart.


5)         The required fee set forth in Section 1175.100.


c)         A CE sponsor shall provide CE courses and programs that are organized programs of formal learning that contribute directly to a licensee's knowledge and ability to perform duties as a licensee.  No product sales shall be permitted during a continuing education program.  (Product sales/selling is any activity that involves a deal sheet or invoice or mention of prices or special deals.  These activities are prohibited during the presentation of continuing education programs.)  After the continuing education program is concluded and the certificates of attendance are distributed to the attendees, product sales shall be permitted. (Section 4-1.5(e)(2) of the Act)  A continuing education program or course must meet the following minimum requirements:


1)         Be developed and presented by persons with education, training and/or practical experience in the subject matter to be presented.


2)         Include a student evaluation of both instructor and the course.


3)         Specify the course objectives, content, prerequisites, requirements, the licensure category for which the CE applies and the number of CE hours to be earned.  This information shall be specified in all promotional materials.


4)         Be in the following subject areas for cosmetologists, estheticians and nail technicians:


A)        Advanced product chemistry and chemical interaction;


B)        The use of machines and implements;


C)        Sanitary procedures;


D)        Hazardous chemicals;


E)        Exposure minimization;


F)         Updated use of implements as they relate to applicable services under this Act;


G)        Advanced knowledge of the anatomy of the skin, scalp, hair and/or nails;


H)        Human relations/communication skills; and


I)         Management and marketing.


5)         Be in the following subject areas for cosmetology, esthetics and nail technology teachers in addition to the areas set forth in subsection (c)(4) of this Section.  


A)        Teaching methodology;


B)        Educational psychology; 


C)        Classroom management; or


D)        Other teaching related courses.


6)         Individual study courses (correspondence, audio or video courses) sponsored by an approved sponsor shall include an examination and a means of verification that the licensee has successfully completed the course. (See Section 1175.1210(e).)


d)         All sponsors shall verify attendance at each CE course or program.  A record of attendance shall be kept for no less than 5 years.  Sponsors shall give each successful participant a record of completion at the end of the course or program.  All records shall include the following information: name, address and license number for each participant, category of CE (cosmetology, nail technician, esthetics, teacher education), number of hours awarded, course title and date of course.  Sponsors may delegate recordkeeping duties to one of their members or member groups. (Section 4-1.5(a))


e)         CE sponsors shall be required to renew their approval every two years upon submittal of the renewal application and the required fee.  The first renewal shall be December 31, 1997.


f)         All CE programs given on or after October 1, 1996, must be given by a sponsor who has been approved by the Division to provide continuing education.


g)         All sponsors approved by the Division as of December 31, 1995, will be required to submit an application, the required fee and meet the current requirements set forth in this Part and the Act to continue to provide continuing education programs on or after October 1, 1996.  An approved sponsor may subcontract with individuals and organizations to provide approved programs.  These persons must meet the criteria established in Section 4-1.5(e)(1) and (2). (Section 4-1.5(j))  Any time the sponsor subcontracts with a presenter, all advertisements, promotional materials and the Certificate of Attendance will bear the name, address and registration number of the sponsor.  The name of the subcontractor may appear as the "Presenter" but no document shall imply that the subcontractor is registered as a CE sponsor.


(Source:  Amended at 35 Ill. Reg. 1888, effective January 20, 2011)