Section 1175.505 Physical Site Requirements


a) Space Requirements


1) A school shall have a minimum of 1,000 square feet of work space for a maximum of 20 students. An additional 30 square feet of work space is required for each additional student if attendance on the clinic floor exceeds 20 at any given time.


2) Work space shall include: dispensary and laboratory area. Work space shall not include: classrooms, facial areas, rest rooms, halls, checkrooms, conference rooms, storage space or other areas or facilities for school administration.


3) Two restrooms shall be provided.


4) Cloak space separate from the work space shall be provided for the public.


5) A public waiting area must be provided.


6) Schools shall provide a student lounge area that shall be separated from the work area and sufficient space for each student to keep school related and personal items.


7) All areas of the school shall be ventilated and lighted.


b) Equipment Requirements All equipment shall be in working condition and sufficient for the number of students enrolled. Minimum requirements for school equipment are:


1) An entrance sign designating the name of the school.


2) A school seal.


3) A time clock or other equipment necessary for verification of attendance and hours earned.


4) Two facial chairs to be placed in an enclosed or screened area. Facial chairs shall only be used for facials and/or waxing.


5) One facial supply station containing astringents, lotions, creams, makeup and other necessary supplies for facials.


6) Four shampoo chairs and 4 shampoo bowls with adequate hot and cold running water.


7) One hood hair dryer for every 10 clinic stations.


8) Clinic station shall have at least 3 feet per student in the class, including electrical outlets, mirror space, manicuring/pedicuring table, and either a barber chair or styling chair. One wet sanitizer shall be provided for each 10 clinic stations. If the barber chair or styling chair is not suitable for manicures or pedicures, then a suitable nail patron chair shall be provided.


9) A chair for each student in the classroom and, when appropriate, sufficient desk or table space.


10) Adequate number of covered disposal cans placed at convenient locations.


11) At least one covered container for soiled towels in thework space.


12) Closed or covered space equipped for storing towels and having sufficient storage space for 10 dozen towels per 20 students in the clinical work area.


13) One mannequin for each student in attendance.


c) Sanitary Regulations


1) Clean outer garments must be worn at all times. No open toed shoes shall be worn by students.


2) All instruments shall be sanitized before and after use on each patron.


3) Clean towels shall be used for each patron.


4) Shampoo bowls must be sanitized after each use.


5) Hands must be cleansed before and after serving each patron.


6) After each patron is served, combs and brushes must be cleansed, then immersed in a disinfectant, then rinsed in water and dried. Combs and brushes shall be kept in a closed or covered container or space apart from appliances that have not been disinfected.


7) The head rests of any chair shall be protected with a disposable cover or clean towel and changed after each patron.


8) Non-disposable head coverings must be laundered and sanitized after each separate use.


9) All powders, lotions, creams and other cosmetics shall be kept in clean, closed containers. All cosmetics shall be applied by sanitary applicators and removed from the container with a sanitary spatula.


10) No owner, manager, teacher or school administrator shall knowingly permit any person suffering from a serious communicable disease as defined in 77 Ill. Adm. Code 690 to work on the premises, or knowingly permit a student to serve a patron with a serious communicable disease.


11) No animals or pets, except animal assistants for the physically impaired, shall be permitted on school premises.


12) The floors, walls and furniture shall be kept clean at all times.


13) An adequate supply of hot and cold running water shall be available for school operation.


d) Textbooks/Teaching Materials Textbooks shall be provided for each student in attendance.


e) Teachers The student/teacher ratio during clinical instruction shall not exceed a 25 to 1 ratio.


(Source: Amended at 38 Ill. Reg. 21098, effective November 7, 2014)