Section 1150.40  Examination


a)         The examination for licensure as an architect is a computer based examination prepared by NCARB. An applicant who has an NAAB accredited professional degree may begin taking the NCARB ARE after successful completion of the professional degree and with concurrent enrollment in the AXP.


b)         As of July 1, 2008, the ARE 4.0 examination shall consist of the following divisions:


1)         Programming Planning and Practice;


2)         Site Planning and Design;


3)         Building Planning and Construction Systems;


4)         Schematic Design;


5)         Structural Systems;


6)         Building Systems; and


7)         Construction Documents and Services.


c)         As of November 1, 2016, the ARE 5.0 examination shall consist of the following divisions:


1)         Practice management;


2)         Project management;


3)         Programming and analysis;


4)         Project planning and design;


5)         Project development and documentation;  and


6)         Construction and evaluation


d)         The ARE 4.0 will continue being offered through June 30, 2018, when it will be discontinued.  Any applicant who has started in ARE 4.0, but not completed it, will be required to transfer to ARE 5.0 and complete any examinations that do not transfer over as completed.


e)         All divisions are graded with a score of pass or fail.  To pass the examination, the applicant must achieve a passing grade on each division of the examination.


f)         An applicant failing a division may repeat that division test after his or her unsuccessful attempt, pursuant to NCARB requirements.


g)         All applicants who are in the process of taking the examination formerly administered by the Division shall receive credit for previous NCARB examinations passed with transfer credit to the ARE divisions in Appendix C.


h)         If an applicant fails to pass an examination for licensure under the Act within 3 years after filing an application, the application shall expire and be denied.  The applicant may, however, make a new application for examination accompanied by the required fee, and must furnish proof of meeting the qualifications for examination in effect at the time of new application.


i)          Scores from divisions of the examination already passed under a previous application shall be carried over and applied to subsequent applications. After January 1, 2006, the Division will hold scores of examinations passed as valid for a period of 5 years in compliance with the NCARB "5-year Rolling Clock".  After January 1, 2011, all scores of previous examinations passed after January 1, 2006 must meet the 5-year Rolling Clock requirements.  Any division passed prior to January 1, 2006 shall no longer remain valid if all remaining divisions have not been passed by July 1, 2014.


j)          Applicants who fail to achieve the required passing score in any division of the examination will be afforded unlimited opportunities to repeat the failed parts of the examination subject to the Act and NCARB requirements.


k)         The provisions of this Section shall be waived for an applicant for licensure as an architect who makes application in form and substance satisfactory to the Division pursuant to the standards set forth in Section 1150.30 and causes to be filed with the Division, in addition to his/her application, proof of successful completion of the NCARB examination administered pursuant to the standards outlined above in another jurisdiction.  The proof of successful completion must be forwarded directly to the Division from the jurisdiction in which the examination was taken.


l)          Divisions of the examination passed in another jurisdiction will be accepted toward licensure in this State if the division was not subsequently failed.


m)        Examination Review

The Division does not allow for review of NCARB examinations for applicants who failed a division and abides by the outcome of the examinations provided by the test administrator.


(Source:  Amended at 41 Ill. Reg. 3966, effective April 7, 2017)