Section 103.70  Special organizational structures


a)         Comprehensive community mental health centers


1)         As a part of the Public Health Services Act, Title XIX, Part B (42 U.S.C.A. 300x (1996)) the CMHS Block Grant funds services provided to persons with mental illness by comprehensive community mental health centers.


2)         Comprehensive community mental health centers receiving CMHS funds shall provide specialized outpatient services, 24-hour a day emergency care, day treatment or other partial hospitalization, screening to determine the appropriateness of admissions to State mental health facilities and consultation and education services. Agencies receiving block grant funds shall also provide services to individuals residing in a defined geographic area, with special attention to persons with severe and persistent mental illness, regardless of ability to pay, current or past health condition, or any other factor.  These services shall be available and accessible promptly and in a manner which preserves human dignity and assures continuity and high quality care.


3)         CMHS Block Grant funds shall not be used to: provide inpatient services; purchase or improve land, purchase, construct or permanently improve (other than minor remodeling) any building or other facility, or purchase major medical equipment; satisfy any requirements for the expenditures of non-federal funds as a condition for the receipt of federal funds; provide financial assistance to any entity other than a public or nonprofit private entity; or make cash payments to intended individuals.


b)         Community mental health (708) boards


1)         As required by the Community Mental Health Act [405 ILCS 20], community mental health boards (708) shall develop and submit a comprehensive plan for mental health and developmental disabilities programs in their geographic area by October 1 of each year for the ensuing 12-month and 3-year periods. Such plans shall be submitted annually for the ensuing 12 months to the Department.


2)         When there is more than one 708 board within the geographic service area, the Department encourages the development of a single plan and a single delivery system for the entire geographic service area.


3)         Pursuant to Section 3e(h) of the Community Mental Health Act, the Department will not make grant awards without consideration to the review and comments submitted by the 708 boards.


4)         Programs operated by a 708 board are eligible for grant funding for no more than two fiscal years and must fully meet the requirements of this Part.


5)         The Department will not participate in the costs of a 708 board which are attributable to the administration of local funds, duties and responsibilities. However, the Department may participate in the administrative costs of a 708 board which are directly attributable to the cost of administering Departmental duties and responsibilities.


6)         Authorized agency representatives  and staff of agencies funded by both 708 boards and the Department may not serve concurrently as a member or as staff of the 708 board.  Individual exceptions to this provision must be justified in writing and require the written approval of the Secretary. Reasons for exceptions may include but are not necessarily limited to rural areas with limited numbers of mental health professionals.


c)         Public health departments


1)         County, multiple county, and municipal public health departments established by either referendum or resolution have the option to provide mental health and developmental disabilities services (see the Department of Public Health's rules at 77 Ill. Adm. Code 615 (Local Health Departments Program Standards Code)). Those public health departments which opt to provide these services are eligible agencies for grant funds, whether they provide services directly or by contract with existing providers of services (either within or outside the geographic service area).


2)         Administrative costs of non-Department funded programs within a public health department are not eligible for funding by the Department.


3)         A mental health and developmental disabilities services advisory committee must be appointed by the health department board.


4)         Department-funded local health departments shall be in compliance with 77 Ill. Adm. Code 615.


d)         Umbrella agencies

            A plan for providing community input  to the operation of units of the umbrella agency shall be developed for use by the umbrella agency.  This plan shall be available for review by Department staff.


(Source:  Amended at 17 Ill. Reg. 10282, effective July 1, 1993)