Section 3030.315  Standards for Core Services


a)         Administration


1)         The library system shall develop an annual operational plan that addresses the specified standards for core services.  The operational plan shall be submitted to the Illinois State Library as part of the annual application specified in Section 3030.345.


2)         The library system shall designate staff to fulfill the roles specified in this Part.  One staff member may fulfill various roles.  Staffing designations include:


A)        Membership, including recordkeeping, member directory, application review, certification support and consultation.


B)        Bibliographic access as specified in Section 3030.15(c).


C)        Training in resource sharing processes and procedures for library staff.


D)        Oversight of system-wide delivery.


b)         General Resource Sharing Standards


1)         Work cooperatively and collaboratively with other systems, their member libraries and the Illinois State Library to maintain and strengthen resource sharing and to coordinate resource sharing efforts.  This includes the development of statewide best practices, support for innovation, and providing overall leadership in meeting the information needs of the citizens of Illinois.


2)         Participate in meetings convened by the Illinois State Library to develop and share best practices and innovations in resource sharing. 


3)         Establish a mechanism for resolving disputes over resource sharing, including the mediation of reciprocal borrowing and interlibrary loan requests, fulfillment problems, and the damage or loss of materials as provided in Exhibit A (ILLINET Interlibrary Loan Code).


4)         Provide training to library staff on resource sharing processes and procedures.


5)         Designate staff to actively maintain accurate up-to-date directory information on the Illinois State Library-specified web site. 


c)         Bibliographic Access Standards


1)         Explore the potential of emerging integrated library system software and other resource discovery tools that facilitate resource sharing and consider participation in a statewide Local Library System Automation Program.


2)         Develop and strengthen the ability of library staff to implement and use currently available and emerging resource discovery tools.


3)         Work with branch libraries in building and maintaining library collections that meet the primary needs of their patrons.


4)         Work with branch libraries in organizing library collections using accepted bibliographic methods for cataloging and classification of library materials.


5)         Facilitate the development of expertise in the use of resource description,

including cataloging and metadata, among library staff.


6)         Assign professional staff members to be responsible for the system's bibliographic access activities.


d)         Delivery Standards


1)         Provide for the equitable and consistent delivery of library materials to fulfill patron requests.


2)         Provide delivery via methods including, but not limited to, library system delivery, Illinois Library Delivery Service, electronic, commercial delivery services, and U.S. Postal Service.


3)         Designate staff persons to coordinate system-wide delivery.


4)         Provide a delivery service to and from branch.


5)         Coordinate the delivery service with the Illinois Library Delivery Service.


6)         Work collectively with other library systems and the Illinois State Library to implement equitable, statewide delivery frequencies and criteria, along with data gathering.


7)         Provide training for library staff on delivery procedures.


e)         Resource Sharing Standards:  Reciprocal Access, Reciprocal Borrowing and Interlibrary Loan


1)         Designate  resource sharing coordinators to monitor and guide the resource sharing program.


2)         Adhere to the ILLINET Interlibrary Loan Code (Exhibit A).


3)         Adopt a resource sharing plan that, as a minimum, shall include:


A)        How the public library shall provide reciprocal access, including any limitations. 


B)        How the library system may participate in statewide reciprocal borrowing.


C)        A mechanism for resolving disputes over resource sharing, including the mediation of reciprocal borrowing and interlibrary loan issues, fulfillment problems, and the damage or loss of materials as provided in the ILLINET Interlibrary Loan Code (Exhibit A).


D)        The requirement that the borrowing library is responsible for lost and damaged materials if the patron does not pay.  The reciprocal access plan, however, may allow for alternate means if the lending library agrees.


f)         Additional core member services may be designated by the State Librarian.