Section 3030.265  Annual Application


a)         Each library system shall submit an annual application by the deadline specified by the State Librarian that presents a proposed plan covering the services provided by the system headquarters and the cooperative services of member libraries for the ensuing fiscal year. The proposed application shall include a signed certification by the library system board president and executive director of the library system that the application has been reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors. The State Librarian shall review the system application each year and shall approve the application if it ensures that the system will achieve the core service standards in this Part and is not in conflict with State law and rules of the State Librarian. The State Librarian may require revisions prior to approval. The State Librarian may also require a revision after approval of the application if a change in library system management practices, governance, funding or technology significantly impacts the ability to comply with the Act, this Part or the approved application. If the application or its implementation is not in compliance, the State Librarian shall take action in accordance with Section 3030.245.


b)         The application will consist of:


1)         An operational plan for the fiscal year that addresses the standards for core services to members cited in Section 3030.215 and additional core services, if any, that are specified by the Illinois State Library.  The plan shall include a list of all available services for which a fee is proposed, and shall include an explanation and justification for the fee. No new fees or fee charges shall be implemented until approved by the State Librarian. 


2)         A list of unmet core standards and how the library system plans to address the unmet standards shall be included in the application.


3)         An annual budget, with accompanying detailed narrative, for the ensuing fiscal year.  The budget information shall be provided in a format specified by the Illinois State Library.


4)         A copy of the most recently filed Statement of Economic Interest required by Article 4A of the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act [5 ILCS 420] for each member of the system board of directors, for the system executive director and for all other system employees required to file a Statement under Section 4A-101(i) of the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act.


5)         A copy of the ordinance or resolution required by Section 70-5 of the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act [5 ILCS 430] and adopted by the system board of directors. After a copy of the ordinance or resolution has been submitted to the Illinois State Library, only changes to that ordinance or resolution adopted by the board of directors need be submitted in subsequent years. In addition, the system shall post the adopted ordinance or resolution on its web site, along with any subsequent adopted changes.


6)         A description of all pending litigation that could have an impact on the system. The description shall include the case name, docket number, legal representation, a brief explanation, potential impact, and a cost breakdown and analysis.


7)         A certification signed by the president of the system board of directors and the system executive director that, during the preceding 12 months, the system board of directors has reviewed and is in compliance, to the best of his/her knowledge, with applicable provisions of the Open Meetings Act [5 ILCS 120], the Freedom of Information Act [5 ILCS 140], the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act [5 ILCS 315], the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act [5 ILCS 420], the Local Records Act [50 ILCS 205], the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act [5 ILCS 430], the Public Funds Deposit Act [30 ILCS 225], the Public Funds Investment Act [30 ILCS 235], the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund [40 ILCS 5], the Public Officer Prohibited Activities Act [ 50 ILCS 105], the Illinois Library System Act [75 ILCS 10], the Americans With Disabilities Act (42 USC 12101), and the Illinois Human Rights Act [775 ILCS 5].  


8)         A listing and description of all corporations formed exclusively by the library system, or in cooperation with any other entity. The description shall include the name of any such corporation, the purpose or purposes for which it was formed, and the names of any members of the system board of directors or system staff holding office or receiving compensation and/or reimbursement during the previous 12 months from each such corporation and the amount of that compensation or reimbursement. For each corporation, the system shall file the Articles of Incorporation, any amendments to those Articles and copies of the most recent annual reports for each such corporation with the Illinois Secretary of State/Business Services Department and the Illinois Attorney General/Charitable Trust Bureau. For each such corporation, the system shall disclose the amount of system and Area Per Capita Grant funding expended, either directly or indirectly, during the preceding 12 months in support of the activities of the corporation. For each such corporation, the members of the system board of directors and the system executive director shall sign a certification that no system Area and Per Capita Grant funds have been expended during the previous 12 months on any affiliated corporate activities that were not directly related to, and in support of, the core system library services enumerated in this Part.


9)         A copy of the current bylaws of the library system.


10)         A list of all real estate owned or leased by the library system along with detailed information about the potential real estate changes, including properties for sale or under contract, and the length and cost of any leases.


11)         Other information, including a long-range plan that shows evidence of being developed with input from the board and membership.