Section 3030.35  Membership in a Library System


The State Librarian shall approve the application of a library for membership in a library system when the library is located within the geographic boundaries of the library system and meets the criteria for one of the two following membership categories:


a)         Developmental membership:


1)         A public library that is applying for developmental membership in any library system shall meet either the financial requirements for state per capita grants to public libraries as stated in the Act or levy a tax that produces a revenue of $6.00 per capita.


2)         A library applying for developmental membership in a multitype library system shall be a library of one of the types of libraries defined in Section 3030.10 of this Part and meet the definition of "library" in Section 3030.10 of this Part.


3)         The governing board of the library system in which the library has applied for membership shall have approved the application in accordance with its bylaws and/or rules.


4)         The library applying for membership shall certify to the State Librarian that it will meet the requirements of this Part and of the plan of service of the library system in which it becomes a developmental member.


5)         A developmental library is entitled to the following services from the library system of which it is a member: consulting, continuing education, and system communications.  A library in this membership category also meets the library system membership requirement for State grants.  A library is eligible for developmental membership for five years, if annual progress has been made towards meeting the "full member" criteria which is defined in this Part.  An additional year of developmental membership may be granted to a library if the library system determines that extraordinary circumstances interrupted progress toward meeting the criteria for full membership. Representatives from developmental member libraries are not eligible for system board seats.


6)         As part of the application for developmental membership, the library shall submit a developmental plan which sets forth the library's annual goals and explains how the library will meet the criteria for full membership in the library system.  The developmental member shall report annually to the library system on which goals have been met and on any deviations from the plan to become a full member of the system.


b)         Full membership:


1)         The library will meet any additional membership requirements specified by the library system.


2)         A full member is entitled to the library system services for which it meets system requirements and must follow the ILLINET Interlibrary Loan Code (1991, Office of the Secretary of State, Illinois State Library, Room 505, 300 S. Second Street, Springfield, IL 62701-1796).  The material incorporated by reference includes no later amendments or editions.  A full member is also eligible for voting representation on the Board of Directors.  The full member shall also provide reciprocal borrowing to resident patrons of other public libraries that are full members of the library system and shall also honor library cards issued to non-residents of the system area if the library does not opt out of the non-resident card program.


Membership criteria is subject to prior approval of the State Librarian who will review the criteria to make sure that the criteria addresses state legislation and rules and is equitable among different types of libraries. Library system members may not be charged fees for membership in the library system.


(Source:  Amended at 26 Ill. Reg. 5969, effective July 1, 2001)