Section 2763.30  Program Procedures


a)         A completed ISAC application for the MTI Scholarship Program must be postmarked on or before March 1 immediately preceding the regular school year for which the scholarship is being requested, in order to receive priority consideration for an award.


1)         Applications are available from qualified institutions of higher learning, ISAC's website and ISAC's Springfield, Deerfield and Chicago offices.


2)         ISAC will make renewal applications available to all qualified students who were awarded MTI Scholarships during the preceding regular school year.


3)         If the application is incomplete, ISAC will notify the applicant.  The applicant will then have an opportunity to furnish the missing information; however, the application will only be considered for processing as of the date when the application is complete and received at ISAC's Deerfield office.


b)         At least 30 percent of the funds appropriated for scholarships awarded under this Section in each fiscal year shall be reserved for male qualified applicants. If the Commission does not receive enough applications from qualified male minorities on or before January 1 of each fiscal year to award 30% of the funds appropriated for these scholarships to qualified male minority applicants, then the Commission may award a portion of the reserved funds to qualified female minority applicants.  [110 ILCS 947/50]


c)         Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (b), awards will be made first to renewing applicants.


d)         No recipient may receive more than 8 semesters/12 quarters of scholarship assistance under this program.


e)         Scholarship funds are applicable towards up to two semesters/three quarters of study within a regular school year.


f)         The total number of scholarships awarded in a given fiscal year is contingent upon available funding.  If appropriated funds are insufficient to provide all qualified applicants with a scholarship, available funds shall be allocated in accordance with subsections (b) and (c) and on the basis of the dates that the completed applications are received in ISAC's Deerfield office. However, preference may be given to qualified applicants enrolled at or above the junior level.


g)         Qualified applicants may be required to furnish the postsecondary institution at which they are enrolled with a copy of their high school transcripts, any other documentation verifying high school graduation, or a copy of their high school equivalency certificates.


h)         Prior to receiving scholarship assistance under this Part, the qualified applicant must sign a Teaching Agreement/Promissory Note that is submitted to ISAC.  The Teaching Agreement/Promissory Note shall include the following stipulations:


1)         the recipient pledges to teach, on a full-time equivalent basis, for one year for each year of scholarship aid received, or for any portion of a year for which aid was received, under this Part;


2)         the recipient shall begin teaching within one year following the completion of the program for which the recipient received assistance under this Part, and shall teach on a continuous basis for the required period of time;


3)         the teaching requirement will be fulfilled at a nonprofit Illinois public, private or parochial preschool, elementary school or secondary school at which no less than 30 percent of the enrolled students are minority students, as certified by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE);


4)         if the teaching requirement is not fulfilled, the scholarship converts to a loan and the recipient must repay the entire amount of the scholarships prorated according to the fraction of the teaching obligation not completed, plus interest at a rate of interest equal to five percent and, if applicable, reasonable collection fees;


5)         the recipient agrees to provide ISAC with evidence of compliance with program requirements (e.g., responses to annual follow-up questionnaires, etc.); and


6)         the recipient promises to use the proceeds of the scholarship for educational expenses.


i)          A recipient of a scholarship awarded under this Part shall not be in violation of the agreement entered into pursuant to subsection (h) during periods in which the recipient:


1)         serves, for not more than three years, as a member of the United States Armed Forces;


2)         is enrolled on a full-time basis as a graduate student in a course of study related to the field of teaching at an institution of higher learning;


3)         is temporarily totally disabled, for not more than three years, as established by the sworn affidavit of a licensed physician;


4)         is actively seeking but unable to find full-time employment as a teacher at a school that satisfies the criteria set forth in subsection (h)(3) for one continuous period not to exceed two years, and is able to provide evidence of that fact;


5)         is taking additional courses, on at least a half-time basis, needed to obtain licensure as a teacher in Illinois; or


6)         is fulfilling teaching requirements associated with other programs administered by ISAC if he or she cannot concurrently fulfill them in a period of time equal to the length of the teaching obligation.


j)          If a recipient is required to repay any portion of the scholarship, the repayment period shall be completed within 10 years after the scholarship converts to a loan.  This 10 year period may be extended if the recipient:


1)         serves, for not more than three years, as a member of the United States Armed Forces;


2)         is temporarily disabled, for not more than three years, as established by the sworn affidavit of a licensed physician;


3)         is seeking and unable to find full-time employment, for one continuous period not to exceed two years, and is able to provide evidence of that fact;


4)         withdraws from a course of study leading to licensure as a teacher but is enrolled full-time in another academic discipline; or


5)         is pursuing a graduate course of study and is enrolled on a full-time basis for one continuous period of time not to exceed three years.


k)         During the time a recipient qualifies for any of the extensions listed in subsection (j), he or she shall not be required to make payments and interest shall not accrue.


l)          A recipient shall enter repayment status on the earliest of the following dates:


1)         the first day of the first calendar month after the recipient has ceased to pursue a course of study leading to licensure as a teacher at the preschool, elementary or secondary level, but not before six months have elapsed after the cessation of at least half-time enrollment in such a course of study;


2)         the date the recipient informs ISAC that he or she does not plan to fulfill the teaching obligation; or


3)         the day after the latest date upon which the recipient must have begun teaching after completing the postsecondary education for which the scholarship was awarded.


m)        A recipient shall not be required to repay the amount of the scholarships received if he or she becomes permanently totally disabled as established by the sworn affidavit of a qualified physician (see, e.g., 34 CFR 682.402(c)), or if his or her representative provides ISAC with a death certificate or other evidence that the recipient has died.


(Source:  Amended at 42 Ill. Reg. 13641, effective July 1, 2018)