Section 1610.120  Conditions of Parole or Mandatory Supervised Release


a)         Adult division.  Until final discharge, the releasee shall at all times be under the legal custody of the Department of Corrections, subject to being retaken at any time, with the establishment of probable cause, within the enclosure of an Illinois State Correctional Center.  The releasee is obligated to comply with all rules, regulations and orders and subsequent amendments thereto of the Prisoner Review Board and of Adult Parole Services of the Department of Corrections.


1)         The releasee must comply with the instructions of his Department of Corrections agent (if paroled or released out of state, obedience to the rules of both states is required) and the following Board special orders:







2)         The releasee must obey all municipal, county, state and federal laws and ordinances.


3)         The releasee must consult and follow the advice of his agent before visiting or writing to correctional center residents.  (An ex-resident or parolee who is a relative may visit a relative with the special permission of the chief administrative officer.  Such requests and permission will be permitted only when the request and permission are in written form.)


4)         The releasee shall not leave the state or county without prior written permission of his agent.


5)         The releasee is to:


A)        Maintain employment and support his dependents; if not employed, he is to seek work or participation in educational or vocational training.


B)        Notify his/her agent prior to any change in residence or employment.


C)        Submit a written report, on forms provided, on the first day of every month.


D)        Report all arrests to agent.


6)         The releasee shall not own, possess, use, sell or have under his control any firearms or dangerous weapons.


b)         Juvenile division.


1)         The ward shall observe and obey all municipal, county, state and federal laws, ordinances and regulations, including curfew.


2)         The ward must not falsify his or her name, age or address under any circumstances.


3)         The ward shall not leave the state without the prior written permission of the Family and Youth Counselor, unless he or she is going to a neighboring state just for a day or two in the company of his or her family.


4)         Changes of home address and/or telephone number shall be reported to the Family and Youth Counselor immediately.


5)         The ward shall not use, carry or possess any weapon or weapons of any kind or description.


6)         The ward shall abstain from the use of intoxicating beverages, if he or she is under the legal age.  The use of narcotic drugs, controlled substances, and marijuana prohibited by law, will be grounds for parole violation.


7)         The ward shall not operate a motor vehicle without a valid driver's license.


8)         If the ward is of mandatory school age, he or she must, during the school term, attend school regularly and if he or she is over mandatory school age, he or she must either attend school or be gainfully employed, and in the event he or she fails to obtain employment, he or she must cooperate with the Family and Youth Counselor in an effort to obtain help with employment.


9)         If the ward is not of legal age, he or she shall not marry without the consent of his or her parent or legal guardian and this consent made known to the Family and Youth Counselor.


10)         The ward shall comply with any special conditions of parole prescribed by the Prisoner Review Board which has jurisdiction over wards of the Juvenile Division.