Section 200.600  Original Registration


a)         Documents to File


            The following materials must be submitted to the Administrator to obtain registration:


1)         Uniform Franchise Registration Application Page, Appendix A, Illustration A;


2)         Supplemental Information Page, Appendix A, Illustration B;


3)         Sales Agent Disclosure Form for each sales agent employed by or affiliated with the applicant, Appendix A, Illustration C;


4)         Uniform Consent to Service of Process naming the Illinois Attorney General as agent to receive service, with corporate, individual or partnership acknowledgment, Appendix A, Illustration D, E, F, G and H;


5)         Certification Page, Appendix A, Illustration G;


6)         Auditor's consent letter granting consent to use each audited report in the registration, Appendix A, Illustration H;


7)         Uniform Franchise Offering Circular in duplicate current within 120 days and in compliance with UFOC Guidelines. Updated information pertaining to Items 20 or 21 may be submitted as an exhibit without changing the information already in these items; and


8)         A $500 nonrefundable fee payable to the State of Illinois.


b)         Signing of Notification:  The Notification shall be signed by an authorized officer of the applicant; however, it may be signed by another person holding a power of attorney for such purposes from the applicant. If signed on behalf of the applicant pursuant to such power of attorney, the application shall include as an additional exhibit a copy of the power of attorney or a copy of the corporate resolution authorizing the attorney to act.


c)         Phase In Of Audit Requirement:  Franchisors who have never had audited financial statements and are filing their first application with the Administrator may request a phase in of the audit requirement.  All unaudited statements must be prepared by an independent CPA in accordance with GAAP. Initial registration will be granted using the unaudited statements which cover the time periods set forth in UFOC Item 21.  The franchisor must notify its CPA to count the opening inventory at the beginning of the franchisor's fiscal year which commences after the registration has been filed.  At the end of that fiscal year, the balance sheet must be audited.  The remainder of the financial statements for that fiscal year may be unaudited but must independently be prepared in accordance with GAAP.  Financial statements for the following fiscal year must be fully audited.


d)         The franchisor submitting original registration documents shall be provided either a courtesy notice that registration has been completed or an order of denial indicating the deficiencies that must be cured.


(Source:  Amended at 23 Ill. Reg. 11561, effective September 7, 1999)